Free «The Diversity as the Challenge to Human Resources Managers» UK Essay Paper

Free «The Diversity as the Challenge to Human Resources Managers» UK Essay Paper

Human resources managers are the personnel charged with recruiting staff for various different positions in organizations.  Recruiting the staff, ensuring its productivity and efficiency in the organization are not as easy as they may seem.  There are numerous challenges that the personnel managers face in their daily tasks.  The diversity refers to the difference in the aspect of hiring the staff.  It may consist of both male and female workers, people of different racial backgrounds and so on.  This paper looks at the diversity as the challenge in the workforce and the best solution to achieve success.

The diversity at work places includes age, sexual orientation, physical abilities, religion, ethnicity, race, marital status, work experience, and educational background among the other co-workers (Thomas, 1992).  The significant challenge for the human resources managers is to establish the organizational rules and consider the preferences of the certain groups.  The traditions of various societies help engineer the running of business organizations.  The racial discrimination issues were the big part of America’s past. People of a different race were made to believe they were inferior to the whites.  This was evident in all the spheres of economic development including the level of hierarchy non-whites could occupy in various organizations.

The main challenge of the diversity at a workplace is to manage it.  If organized properly, it is to bring success to organizations.  The significance of a diverse workforce is in the difference they posses, which holds more business opportunities than the negatives.  Since various businesses operate in diverse markets, they should be familiar with the societies they serve.  There are many multinational corporations operating in different countries and regions of the world. As these businesses engage in embracing diversity to their workforce and company culture, it helps them settle in various regions they are to work.  The diversity should yield a positive impact on the organizations when managed in a proper manner.  The human resources managers should not perpetuate discriminatory policies to pigeonhole employees based on their diverse profiles (Thomas, 1992).

Traditions have evolved to accommodate different views that for long had been perceived as taboo and not acceptable.  Many societies have adapted to women as being equal to men and their engagement in business is now accepted in many organizations.  Studies show that demographically diverse workforce has the higher productivity.  Especially the inclusion of women in a team raises the efficiency, as it was exhibited in the examination of the personnel records of employees at Fortune 500 Company (Konrad, 2006).  The research study showed that Shoney’s restaurants had a business structure that was detrimental to black employees.  The restaurant chain had 75 percent of black employees who held the jobs in the low paying non-customer contact positions throughout the chain.  The senior leadership justified the strategy that the white customers preferred services from the white employees.  This explains the extent of understanding the diversity challenge. It is not about the numbers of people of different cultures but also the diverse positions they hold in organizations (Konrad, 2006).

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Advantages of the Diversity to Organizations

From all angles the diversity has many advantages to offer the business organizations including the evidence of the multinational growth.  Embracing diversity and adoption of policies to enhance it in the organizations increase the company’s competitive advantages and broaden its markets.  The human resources managers should develop together with the other departments in their organizations policies enhancing positives from the diverse cultures.  An organization culture should accommodate other cultural views from its diverse workforce in order to operate in different regions.  The diversity helps observe and select different talents from the various cultures the employees have.  They help develop a wider range of information and strategic policing which are to improve the organization’s competitive advantage compared to its competitors.  This was evident with the liberalization of the Chinese markets.  Most Chinese companies employed Singaporeans to market their goods as they had had the experience, skills and knew the Chinese products well (Toh, 1993).

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Diversity helps endear organizations to the diverse markets they operate from the inclusion of workers from those areas.  This is significant as it improves a company’s experience with the local market and culture peculiarities.  Multinational companies perform well due to their appreciation of the diversity of cultures their workforce relates to and represents.  This is a great asset to their overall business potential.  Their image is boosted at the different places they operate.

Manager’s Experience in Dealing with Diversity

Helena Josue is the personnel manager at Procter and Gamble’s in Switzerland. () In 2002 she described the model of tackling diversity problems in the company as successful after adopting the diversity assessment tool.  This is a computer software with a set of rules that are elaborate on the recruitment and treatment of employees in an organization.  The rules stipulate the guidelines, which companies should follow, counter the threat posed by the diverse workforce.  The diversity assessment tool has been tested in other companies recording successful results.  These companies include Manpower Inc. in Brussels, Group 4 Falck and Nike companies.  The personnel managers in these organizations have testimonials on the effectiveness of this method in solving diversity challenges among the workers (Johanson & Leigh, 2011).

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Mentoring and training programs should be introduced to induct the new employees from different cultures to the company’s ways of operating.  This helps the employees cultivate the sense of belonging and understand the principles and traditions of the organizations.  The human resources managers should initiate these mentoring programs to the departmental heads to incorporate such training to the different workforce.  This helps mitigate conflicts arising among the diverse workforce and makes the workers feel comfortable to voice their opinions to the managers.

Another solution to the challenges posed by diverse workforce is through a strategic organization of talents among the workers.  The human resources managers may strategically place the diverse workforce to help implement successful organization policies in different strategic markets.  The implementation of this strategy may be applied through acknowledging particular talents from the workforce and positioning them strategically in different markets where they may perform their best.  Portraying the celebrities of the African American descent in advertising various brands of alcohol such as P. Diddy advertising Ciroc Vodka helps the brand gain consumers among people from the same descent.

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Human resources managers have many challenges that they face besides the diversity in their personnel organization management.  The diversity is an emerging challenge to the human resources managers as many companies work for the global markets.  It is prudent to change the philosophy of organizations to accommodate the diverse workforce recruited.  It is also essential to understand and develop the different talents presented by the diverse workforce in order to use it for the growth of the organizations.  A successful diversity strategy should address organizational culture change creating an environment that nurtures teamwork, participation, and sense of cohesiveness.

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