Free «The Goal» UK Essay Paper

Free «The Goal» UK Essay Paper

Unicom manager Alex gets the task to increase plant productivity and profitability, which makes him focus his thoughts on the search for dependent events. It is obvious to him that operating manufacturing facility is impossible without an understanding of depending events and having some model, which describes the real picture of the processes. He is concerned with the questions why the idea of a balanced plant is a utopia, and why theoretical and practical data are so different.

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For example, playing a dice game, Alex manages to see how the throughput gradually decreases, while the rate of operating expenses and inventory increases. In real life, the actual amount of product ready for delivery is on average two times lower than the targeted one. Alex cannot understand why the inventory in this model is moving through the system in waves, not in the manageable flow.

The reason why the balanced model does not work is the lack of the reserve. Watching the children during a hike, Alex realizes that in the case of necessity, to compensate for downtime, the system always incurs additional energy costs. The negative figures are summed up and accumulated, which reduces the probability of reaching the previous level of production without additional investment. Besides, there is a mathematical theorem that reads as follows in the case of linear dependence between two or more variables, the deviation of the variable will fluctuate around the maximum deviation of its previous value. This process explains what is happening in the case of a balanced plant model: when the departments fall behind, they choose the overtime strategy, trying to catch up with the schedule, and idle hours are prohibited.

Alex notices that each of the participants during the hike has an optimal rate of movement, which is convenient for him, and depending on this speed, boys are arranged in a specific way. This sequence allows them to go without restrictions; it seems that each of them has a proper place in the line. In this case, the last person in the troop is determining the maximum throughput at a particular time, which makes it the greatest limit on throughput.

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The idea to place a lagging person at the top of the line has an unexpected effect - now the slowest participant of a hike defines the tempo, so there is no longer a necessity of constantly going ahead. A request to go faster results in another useful finding: if everyone takes some of the load off the leader, he/she is able to perform a better job at the front of the line.

Recognizing these patterns, Alex tries to explain these regularities to other employees, but this does not meet proper suppport from the colleagues. He decides to give an example of the urgent order and show that its rules are correct and properly followed in real conditions.

Clearly, robots do not have statistical fluctuations as they always work at the same pace. One of the reasons why they have been implemented into the manufacturing process is consistency. Indeed, the fluctuation in cycle time for the robot is almost zero, but the production includes not only robotic stages. Other operations presuppose the work of both robots and humans, so the aim of an organization is to make the entire system work efficiently.

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The introduction of automation equipment will make processing time intervals on a particular line of production approximately the same. The Pete’s team performs the first stage of manufacturing even though there were some doubts about their ability to do their work in time. However, the robot is supposed to be more precise in its output. Although Pete's team provides the entire scope of supply, the first two hours are behind the schedule and are only compensated by the shift’s end. The deviation from the planned average value is the reason why the delivery is not sent in time - robots have the strictly limited throughput. The robot cannot start working until the items come from Pete's department; this is the example of dependent events.

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