Free «Wage Increases» UK Essay Paper

Free «Wage Increases» UK Essay Paper

The size of a salary is one of the instruments to maintain inequalities within a workplace for a variety of reasons. One of them is motivation that keeps employees with lower salary work harder and more efficiently to climb the career ladder. Therefore, such inequality is a necessary element in every company. Wages have to be revised from time to time according to changes in the economy. Such revisions are necessary to keep income at an appropriate level. Wage changes can be based on the cent-per-hour increase, percentage, merit, etc. (Atchison, Belcher, & Thomsen, n.d.; Bohlander & Snell, 2007).

These techniques provide interested parties with different results, though. Cent-per-hour approach allows increasing wages up to the same level for all employees. Percentage approach is different. In this case, the lowest-paid employees, the ones who have the most trouble making ends meet, get the smallest increase, while the highest-paid employees get the largest increase. This argument is correct in mathematical terms: the larger salary an employee has, the more money this employee will get additionally. The lowest-paid employees will get a very small sum, respectively. Consequently, the question of fairness from a social point of view arises. It turns out to be unfair because employees with lowest salaries will not be able to improve their lives or help their family or relatives based on such wage increase.

However, such circumstances allow a company to keep the above-mentioned inequalities on the same level. The gap between the highest-paid employees and the lowest-paid employees would even increase. It means that in some cases it is also necessary to apply such approach. On the other hand, it must be combined with other wage-changing techniques; otherwise, a serious misbalance in salaries can occur. It will far more greatly offset employee motivation created by reasonable inequalities (Atchison, Belcher, & Thomsen, n.d.; Bohlander & Snell, 2007).

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