Free «Anxiety Disorders» UK Essay Paper

Free «Anxiety Disorders» UK Essay Paper

Anxiety refers to a mental condition common to every human being aroused by an event that causes negative or positive disturbance in their mental stability. Anxiety disorder develops in several forms mainly phobias, panics, and generalized anxiety disorder. Situations in life such as interviews, exams, blind dates, surprises and uncertain future happenings cause anxiety. Anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that develops when an individual is unable to control their emotions and maintain their mental stability when facing a challenge and reacts in an extremely unpleasant way.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder common in all subtypes include anticipating unrealistic danger, anger, hyperactivity, poor concentration, blank mind and irregular heart beat. Other symptoms include stomach upset, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, problem breathing, diarrhea, dizziness, muscle tension and frequent urination.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) refers to a form of anxiety where the patients experience excess and unrealistic worry and fear. The unrealistic tension makes it difficult for patients to relate and interact effectively with their environment making unfounded conclusions on happenings. GAD is a long-term mental illness resulting in untraceable tension to the patient. GAD includes several specific symptoms although most of them are similar to other types of disorders these include muscle tension, unfounded anger, poor concentration, fatigue and problem sleeping (Smith, Robinson, & Segal, 2014).

Main Behavior Concerns

According to the case, Carlos is a third grader who is always worried about everything. The case gives no reason to explain why Carlos is always worried. Analyzing the first part Carlos demonstrates the unfounded anxiety which is the primary symptom of generalized anxiety disorder. Carlos is constantly worried about his family, mom and his grades, though they face no danger; a factor that interfere with his concentration in school. Carlos is also suffering from insomnia meaning he has a poor sleeping pattern; lack of sleep deprives the brain of resting time and leads to overworking and fatigue. Poor concentration and fatigue due to lack of sleep directly contributes to poor grades mainly C’s and D’s as mentioned in the case of Carlos. Carlos also frequents the school medical center with several complaints such as stomach ache. Carlos is, therefore, worried about factors in his environment that do not pose any hazard to him or his family condition and it upsets his digestive system.  

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Carlos worries about everything and gets upset and irrational about topics that do not normally arouse such kinds of emotions. The teacher shares an opinion that Carlos has become irrational, worried and inattentive in a class proceeding exploring different weather conditions.  Carlos immediately got worried about the safety of his family in case of a storm; however, the case does not mention a storm or any factor threatening his family. Carlos demonstrates symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) visible in patient’s behavior as they experience unfounded worry, fear and emotional outburst and expect terror even when the atmosphere is peaceful.

School Counseling Recommendation

It is recommended to hold counseling sessions for Carlos; counseling enables patients express their fear and other factors disturbing them. Studying the case, Carlos’ parents divorced while he was in pre-school, and he only gets to see his father during the summer. Divorces wear heavily on children compared to the divorcing couples; children have fragile and weak emotional, mental state and a need for continuous care, love and security. A divorce may not be the primary factor responsible for the anxiety disorder in the Carlos case; it is a contributing factor depending. Professional counseling sessions would enable Carlos express his fear and insecurities; two main ffactors that result to anxiety disorder causing unnecessary worry and tension.

Several methods are utilized by counseling professionals to assist patients cope with the condition; these include cognitive behavior therapy, behavior and relaxation therapies and talk therapy sessions. Cognitive behavior therapy studies and analyzes the thinking pattern of anxiety disorder patients. Understanding behavior patterns enables the counseling professionals to support and advice the patients on understanding real and fake emotions (Barkley & Mash, 2009). CBT focuses on desensitization where patients are exposed to their worst fears and made to understand that their fears are unreal and unfounded. Patients are then able to identify fake emotional triggers caused by anxiety disorder and learn to gain self-control.  Cognitive behavior therapy would enable Carlos realize that his environment and family are safe and learn to control his emotions when scared (“Anxiety”, 2014).

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Breathing and relaxation techniques aim at giving patients control over alarm triggers in their nervous system. General anxiety disorder leads to tension and rapid heartbeat and breathing rate; relaxation techniques enable patients to take time to study their environment and identify real and unreal hazards.

Talk therapies involve mainly direct conversation with a counseling professional. A talk session enables counseling professionals to identify the main triggers of an anxiety disorder. Patients can express their fears, uncertainty and talk about disappointing factor in their environment such as parent’s separation in the Carlos’ case. Talk therapies benefit both the patient and the counseling professionals; they offload pressure from the patient and give valuable data to the counseling professional. Schools should employ a wide range of professionals such as psychiatrists and doctors to identify and assist anxiety disorder patients (Barkley & Mash, 2009).

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