Free «Family Assessment» UK Essay Paper

Free «Family Assessment» UK Essay Paper

Family health assessment is an important element in the health care system. It allows one to create the general picture of the health of both family units and communities as a whole. Data received from the questionnaires designed for the family health assessment can contribute to the better client-centered care. Families who understand their health needs cooperate with the doctors and medical stuff better than those who do not. For example, using the questionnaire’s assessment of a Mexican family may reveal its primary health needs and concentrate on them rather than address minor indispositions.

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To start with, the family composition is worth one’s attention. The family consists of a father aged 46, mother aged 44, and three children, namely two girls (25 and 21) and a boy at the age of 13. The father of the family is in good health. Rarely does he get ill, and his main complaint is the exhaustive work. The mother has the kidney stone and often suffers from pain. She believes that her condition is not serious, and she does not take any medications for that. A woman also has the biliary dyskinesia since the age of 15. Both of the girls suffer from myopia. There is a genetic predisposition to myopia in this family. However, the disease is diagnosed in every second generation being passed from the mother to a daughter in this family. Both of the girls have turns of the gallbladder, but the family does not see any problem in it. The 13-year-old son is in good health but suffers from infrequent stomach aches. The doctors still have not found the reason of the boy’s stomach aches. The family utilizes neither alcohol nor smoke. Nevertheless, none of the family members engages in exercise that makes them more vulnerable to stresses and obesity (Weber, 2009).

Father is the leader in the family. He works as a joiner and is the primary provider of the family. The mother gives private music lessons. Both of the girls work as the street vendors. The family is living in a small cottage with enough space for each family member. The children are accustomed to performing a set of hygiene practices. They clean up their rooms often and wash their hands every time before they have a meal. The family income influences the quality of food products the family can afford (Hupkens et al., 2010). The mother of the family grows vegetables at the backyard. Nevertheless, meat is a rare guest in their house. She prepares the food as she is constantly at home. The woman does everything she can to ensure balanced nutrition to her family. She also insures that the family drinks a lot of water daily. The girls come home in the evening. They sometimes help their mother with dinner. Financial conditions force the family to save the money and follow almost vegetarian diet.

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Despite the financial difficulties and the meatless diet, the family deals with crisis well. The father is resistant to stress. He has a sound 7-hours sleep and a strong nervous system. He is the leader of the family, and the rest of the family members follow the subordination. It has two advantages. First, there are no role conflicts in the family. Second, it lessens the levels of anxiety and conflicts in the family (Feeley & Gottlieb, 2000). Still, the mother is rather hypochondriac that makes her prone to the nervousness and sometimes insomnia. Nonetheless, each of the family members has his/her own way of coping and managing stress. As most of the Mexican families, they like to spend time with their relatives and friends.

Besides, each member of the family has some hobby that distracts them from the routine and problems. The father likes to organize picnics and spend time in the wild. The mother enjoys playing piano any time she has a spare time. It is her life passion. The older daughter likes to read books and grow flowers, and the younger one plays the guitar. The son is fond of collecting stickers and playing videogames. Hence, these activities contribute positively to the emotional wellbeing of the family (Bomar, 1996). Another common tool this family uses to deal with stress is the sense of humor. Humor is also one of the typical modes of family communication. In general, positive psychological environment positively influences family function.

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To sum up, family assessment is vital for nurses as it allows evaluating their clients better and assisting in the following decisions relevant to the general health indicators. This family represents an average health status. They have some physical illnesses, but their emotional state, except for that of the mother, is stable. The family does not consume alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. They try to eat healthy food and drink much water. Nevertheless, they do not exercise and do not treat some of their illnesses seriously leaving them uncured. Therefore, it is obvious that the next steps in terms of the health care should concentrate on curing the illnesses of this family (Munoz & Luckman, 2005). The mother needs to go through any method of management of the kidney stone. She can turn to analgesia, expulsion, or lithotripsy to cure it. Both of the girls have to have a medical examination of their gallbladders. Finally, the family should pay more attention to the 13-year-old boy who suffers from the stomach aches. After all, its causes may indicate other health problems the boy is likely to face in the future.

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