Free «Why We Should Care about Teeth Whitening» UK Essay Paper

Free «Why We Should Care about Teeth Whitening» UK Essay Paper

People experience different problems in their lives. The most obvious one is the focus on the physical beauty that is easily seen by anyone. People care about the way they appear in front of their colleagues, friends, relatives and just passers-by. Therefore, physical appearance has become more noticeable than it was years ago. One of the plights of modern humanity is teeth discoloration. It makes people venture to different options of treatment and find the best solution to their teeth related problem. In the modern society, one should care about teeth whitening as it is a key to the social, professional, and emotional well-being.

People should care about their teeth, as they may lose their color and health. Tooth enamel consists of microscopic crystalline rods and protects the teeth from trauma, chewing effects, negative influence of sugar and other hazards. However, it tends to wear down over the years and to become yellow. Dentin remains intact, but the enamel is subjected to multiple micro-cracks. These cracks are gradually filled up with debris and stains, making the teeth dull and unattractive. The procedure of teeth whitening removes these stains and makes the enamel white. Nowadays, teeth whitening has become a part of a good beauty regime. People, who visit beauty salons on the regular basis, care about their smile and are interested in the procedure of whitening their teeth. 

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People, who eat pigmented foods, ingest too much fluoride, accumulate plaque and tartar deposits, are treated with the antibiotic tetracycline during the early years of life, or have experienced teeth trauma, tend to have surface stains or internal discoloration. It may negatively influence their appearance, relationships with others, and lead to depression. Therefore, in these cases, teeth whitening is the best solution.

There are a number of reasons why people should care about teeth whitening. In reality, very few people have natural brilliant-white teeth. The first reason is having good and attractive appearance. It positively influences the people who surround us. More and more often, men and women are looking for some substantial changes to improve the way they look. Some people want to look good in an event. They find it a good reason to whiten the teeth. Therefore, white teeth make an unforgettable impression and help to attract people.

The second reason why people should care about teeth whitening is an improvement of their emotional state. Hasty modern life brings much stress into people’s lives. People with bright smiles beam more often, increase the mood and emotional state of others, and make their own lives less troublesome. Stress negatively influences a person and leads to teeth grinding. Therefore, grinding is another reason that should persuade people to whiten their teeth. It usually becomes evident when the biting edges of the teeth are dark (Dyett, n.d.). White teeth tend to boost one’s mood. People with bright and white teeth smile more, look healthy and are more self-confident. Smiles improve the mood by triggering the endorphin production (“Why Should I Whiten My Teeth?” 2003).

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Despite the fact that human confidence is not entirely built on their appearance, it is closely associated with white and healthy teeth. The way people feel about themselves influences the way they see the world. It is not easy to improve one’s self-esteem. Hard work and change of consciousness is needed. However, whitening a smile is the first step to a big change in anyone’s life. Thus, teeth whitening and a bright smile make men and women ready for any changes and enable them to attract positive people and things.

As white smile increases self-confidence, it provides chances to become successful in the professional and social sphere. It is believed that good impression and healthy appearance positively influence employers and help potential employees to find a good job. People with bright smiles tend to get better salary offers and are able to find better jobs compared to those who have not whitened their teeth. In addition, a place in society and the attitude of others are closely related to the way people look. Hence, professional growth or even professional interest as well as high social places is the third reason why people should care about teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is especially needed to those who smoke, drink cola, red wine, coffee, and tea, as these habits result in teeth stains. In addition, teeth may turn yellow with aging and change their color under the influence of many factors. Bright and white smile improves the overall appearance of any person. In addition, it can improve social and professional appearance (“Teeth Whitening,” 2011).

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A smile is one of the first things that people notice while seeing the person. It is considered to be a vital communication tool the humans have. The state of teeth is the mirror of people’s health, it helps to get information about their feelings and self-consciousness. A white smile increases confidence, self-esteem and represents health. Thus, white teeth convey the message of health, vitality, and well-being. A bright and healthy smile is the main factor that influences the first impression. The brightness in smile makes people’s lives challenging, changes their world view and effects emotional well-being. White teeth positively transform any personal image, make people feel comfortable, change the way people act in their social and professional life, and create healthy appearance.

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