Free «Comfort Theory» UK Essay Paper

Free «Comfort Theory» UK Essay Paper

Nowadays, a good mental or physical health state is appreciative and valuable for everybody. Therefore, many nurses undergo trainings that enable them to properly deal with individual patients and families in order to provide them with effective health-care treatment. They teach people to maintain their health and to understand a wide range of physical, emotional, mental, and social experiences. Moreover, nurses help patients and their families to overcome different diseases, deal with them, or, if necessary, live with them - thus doing more than just taking care of patients, but also enduring their living experience: emotions, feelings, and problems. In this regard, many theories are developed today for both nurses and patients to assist them in coming to a mutual understanding. One of such numerous theories which aims to prepare a favorable environment for nurses and patients is the Comfort Theory.

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The Comfort theory, advanced by Katharine Kolcaba, foresees nurses to ensure that patients feel totally comfortable in every aspect of their lives. The theory focuses on the fact that every patient already has particular health-care needs, among which is the need for comfort. Such demands can emerge when stressful healthcare situations cannot be solved with the help of usual support system. These situations may be emotional, social, educational, financial, or even cultural, but the all are directly connected with the physical or mental health of the patient. The point is that the Comfort theory has an objective to identify the comfort needs of patients, which are frequently not voiced. The theory considers providing patients with medicals and the necessary healthcare pieces of advice as well as with an insight into the matters that patients and their families worry about and that are important to them. Nurses and patients should have a mutual desire to experience meaningful and memorable moments with each other which requires positive collaboration. For example, when a patient has some problem with his or her finances and the question of money is very painful, a nurse, following the Comfort theory, tries to face this obstacle together with the patient and find an appropriate solution (Chinn, 1998).

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To my mind, the theory suggests the basic principles of improvement of nurse-patient relationships. They include the ability to find the most appropriate and beneficial approach of understanding patients and being ready to enhance the necessary comfort in any aspect of their life. Besides, the theory does not only require thorough consideration of patients’ physical or mental health, as well as social, financial, or cultural problems, but also signifies the necessity of realizing the ways, the time, and the reason for the respective practical actions. As a result, the nurse quickly becoomes aware of patient’s particular situation and can efficiently adjust to people, and arrange comfort when they suffer from stressful situations.

The Comfort Theory can be contemplated as one of the most actual and essential theories for modern nursing practice. It can help nurses to find better approaches to treating their patients, establishing mutual understanding, and creating effective cooperation in order to provide all sources of comfort. The usefulness of the theory can be seen when patients remember comforting acts of sympathy, help, and understanding from their nurses. Particular examples include such simple actions as helping to make a phone call, establishing eye contact, giving sincere smile, engaging in conversation, or holding a dying patient’s hand. It is important for nursing when patients remember such moments for many years after an arduous healthcare period, because kind feelings and emotions are priceless (Henderson, 1978).

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To conclude, the Comfort theory represents significant aspects of nursing. Basing on the principles of providing and enhancing complete comfort for every patient, it brings considerable benefit for the relationships of both sides – nurses and patients. The usefulness of the theory is undeniable since nurses give not only the healthcare help, but also the spiritual one, which is even more memorable for patients.

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