Free «Library Assignment: Nurse Managers» UK Essay Paper

Free «Library Assignment: Nurse Managers» UK Essay Paper

Nurse leaders play a critical role in hospital setting, since they are responsible for dealing with the most complex tasks with numerous challenges. Nevertheless, nurse leaders must ensure that they promote positive working relationships between the staff members for better medical outcomes. In any workplace setting, it is paramount to foster cordial relations within teams for good work outcomes. Such relationships are especially important in hospital settings where teamwork improves positive outcomes for both nurses and patients. Unfortunately, conflicts and problems in healthcare settings are inevitable due to the complicated working conditions and environment. Therefore, nurse managers, as well as their assistants, play an essential role in ensuring that there is a positive working relationship between the nurses and that all staff problems get solved. 

Responsibilities as an Assistant Nurse Manager Regarding Isaac Behavior Problem

In healthcare settings, nurse leaders must take the managerial position and follow that care services get delivered accordingly. In this environment, the assistant nurse manager takes a role of the nurse manager to monitor the staff under their supervision (Choi, Goh, Adam, & Tan, 2016). In this situation, the associate nurse manager is responsible for fostering a positive working environment between the nurses. The leader should resolve the conflicts in a manner that promotes staff morale and limits stress among the staff members. It is the duty of the nurse manager to approach the problem in a way that deals with the issue while at the same time fostering togetherness in the team. Positive health outcomes depend on cooperation and collaboration between all groups involved in the treatment process. In this case, Isaac’s behavior creates a problem and nurses do not want to work with him. By calling in sick offs in the days they are supposed to work with Isaac, they negatively affect the set schedules and the quality of service delivery in the unit. It is, therefore, the role of the assistant nurse manager to facilitate communication and conflict resolution strategies within the team. The manager should assess the situation as it is and determine the extent of the damage it causes.

In the case the situation is above the scope of responsibilities of the assistant nurse manager, the leader can report the same to the nurse manager for further direction. However, whatever the action is, the assistant nurse manager must be geared towards promoting positive working relationship and making the other employees comfortable with the working environment (Choi et al., 2016). Moreover, the assistant nurse manager should apply emotional intelligence when dealing with the situation and eliminating the possibilities of any further conflict between the members. The leader is liable for ensuring that all the staff members are treated with respect and that they feel appreciated. In this situation, therefore, the assistant nurse leader should insist that Isaac stops his abusive behavior to ensure that the working environment is healthy and satisfying for all the employees.

The Next Step in Dealing with Isaac Behaviors

Positive relationships in the healthcare setting are an important factor in promoting good outcomes for both patients and nurses. Consequently, nurse leaders play critical roles in ensuring that there is a good working relationship between the staff. In this case, the next step in resolving the situation should be to call Isaac and talk about his behavior once more. Though his patient care is adequate, his abusive attitude to other nurses negatively affects their work, reducing the effectiveness of the the team performance (Lapeña-Moñux, Juan, Marcos, & Soler, 2014). Since the nurse manager has already spoken with Isaac about his behavior in the past with no visible change, the assistant nurse manager should do more than just talking to him. In speaking to him, there should be consequences for such behavior in the future (Lapeña-Moñux et al., 2014). However, any impact should be in line with hospital policy. The nurse manager must ensure that the communication is direct and clear. Additionally, the assistant nurse manager should point out the consequences of the Isaac’s negative behavior that include increased stress levels among the employees and reduced morale and team spirit among the team members.

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How the Manager Can Help Isaac Develop More Effective People Skills

In the workplace settings, managers are responsible for contributing to the growth and development of the staff. As such, the manager should help Isaac develop better interpersonal relationships for the overall benefit of the staff members he interacts with at the workplace (Amestoy et al., 2014). Helping Isaac to establish interpersonal skills, the first step of the manager should be to try and understand why he behaves in such a way. Having understood the cause of his behavior, it would be possible to come up with a solution to deal with the problem entirely. Additionally, the nurse manager should talk to Isaac about the importance of teamwork in healthcare settings, where the contribution of each member is critical to the overall effectiveness of healthcare services. It would also be essential to emphasize the adverse effects of his behavior in the unit. In an attempt to highlight the importance of positive work relations with the other employees, the nurse leader should assign Isaac the tasks that require him to be a part of a team. In awarding the jobs, the leaders should ensure that the achieving of the final goal involves the contribution of each member. Doing so will help realize that all nurses are essential and that Isaac should not look down on anyone just because he is in a leadership position. Understanding the importance of collaboration will help him treat other nurses better.

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Potential Impact of This Problem on Nurse Manager and the Unit Staff

Conflicts in the workplace settings affect service delivery negatively. These effects extend past service delivery and touch the nurse leaders. Having a problem in a unit poses challenges to the nurse leaders who in many instances have to come up with a solution to the problem. The nurse leader must ensure that the answer takes into account the needs of all the staff members. Having to discuss the holiday allocation in individual units, it possess a challenge to the nurse leader who must decide who gets a holiday and who does not. Such a dispute can strain the relationship between the nurse manager and the staff members (Amestoy et al., 2014). As such, the problem sets a significant challenge to the nurse manager who must be diligent to ensure that all the nurses in the unit are satisfied with the criteria selected for approving the holiday. The problems can also constrain relationships within the group as some members could feel sidelined especially if their requests in the previous years were not approved. Where relationship gets strained, healthcare service delivery suffers negatively.

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Positive Consequence and Negative Consequence of This Conflict

Though conflicts in the workplace often affect the situation negatively, they can at times be a positive thing. Although the case is potentially damaging, it can also be helpful for the unit. These positive impacts stem from the fact that they provide an opportunity for the team to discuss and agree on the issue without involving the managerial staff (Amestoy et al., 2014). Involving the staff members ensures that everyone gets satisfied with the solution eliminating complains from those who will work during the holidays. Consequently, there will be no future conflicts on holiday approvals as the nurses are aware of the agreed protocol for the permissions. Additionally, involving the juniors makes feel that they are a part of the solution, which creates a sense of ownership. The feeling that they own the answer will help the nurses to accept the final solution as it reflects their views fostering collaboration between them. Moreover, the conflict offers an opportunity for the nurse leader to develop a better relationship with the staff by involving them in problem resolution.

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Nevertheless, if not handled well, the conflict could have adverse effect on the unit. Some nurses are claiming that they never get their holiday requests. Denying the applications of this group of nurses can create a negative attitude in which they feel sidelined. Consequently, the problem can create divisions among nurses affecting the quality of health care service delivery. Additionally, it could interfere with the morale of the employees and especially those who did not get their requests approved in the previous years. It could make them feel unappreciated negatively affecting how they think about their work. Another major problem coming from the issue is that it could change the relationships between the manager and the unit staff adversely (Lapeña-Moñux et al., 2014). Therefore, the way how the nurse manager handles the situation can affect the group either positively or negatively.

A Model of Conflict Resolution that Help Might Resolve This Conflict

Resolving a conflict requires that the leader selects the correct resolution model. In this case, collaboration model of conflict resolution would help solve the problem. This model of conflict management requires dialogues between all the parties (Khalid & Fatima, 2016). In this case, both the nurse manager and the unit staff should meet and discuss the problem at hand. Collaboration focuses on resolving a conflict in a way that caters to the needs of all the parties involved. This model allows a broader view on conflict resolution. By employing this model of conflict management, it will be possible to reach a long-term solution to the problem without compromising the working relationships between the unit staff and between the nurse manager and the employees. Though the process is time-consuming, it is one of the most effective models of conflict resolution in hospital settings as the parties to the conflict are a part of the solution (Khalid & Fatima, 2016). In this situation, the unit staff will meet with the nurse leaders and discuss the holiday requests approval. They will raise the issues affecting them and also help the nurse manager in coming up with a model that the unit will use in holiday allocation in the future. Making the workers a part of the solution increases the success rate of the final solution resolving the present conflict and avoiding future problems.

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Nurse managers and their assistants play a critical role in care delivery. The assistant nurse manager is responsible for ensuring that there is a healthy working relationship between the employees in which they all feel appreciated. Therefore, the associate nurse manager should call Isaac and talk to him about his behavior. Additionally, the leader should put Isaac in the situations that require teamwork to help him develop his interpersonal skills. Nurse managers also play a critical role in conflict resolution in units. The conflicts can either lead to positive or negative consequences. The disputes provide an opportunity for the nurse manager to involve the unit staff in formulating a solution making them feel appreciated, which also improves the working relationships between the leader and the team. If the manager fails to involve the staff, it constrains their working relationships. Additionally, if not handled appropriately, the situation can affect the morale of the team and also create division between them. Collaboration is the best method of resolving the conflict as it caters for the interests of all the parties. It also facilitates the formulation of a long-term solution.

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