Free «Nursing Informatics Standards» UK Essay Paper

Free «Nursing Informatics Standards» UK Essay Paper

Humanity is witnessing the rapid development of new technologies and their implication in every sphere of people’s life. Nursing education actively uses the elements of informatics in this respect. While this advancement helps students to understand healthcare policy better and improve their professionalism, it is a method of communication, which increased opportunities for sharing the information. Through informational technology, students can magnify their ability and skills in spite of hurdle of distance.

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Informatics makes education easier and more interesting. For instance, some students are looking for part-time job or have not possibilities to visit all lessons. In this case, they would feel the lack of attention from their tutors. New technologies give opportunities to get information from every place and be free in sharing information with peers and mentors. As a result, “online learning options continue to increase with over 6.1 million U.S. college students currently taking some form of online course work” (Schmitt, 2012).

In this context, web-based courses give nurses an opportunity to study at a convenient time. A student can decide how much time one should spend to comprehend the material. Thus, they build an individual learning schedule. One more advantage is to study in one’s own pace: a student can pay attention to more complex tasks or watch video-lecturs for a few times and reread the emails from the tutor. Furthermore, web-based courses provide a chance to study at any place as students can study without leaving home. This is a definite benefit for people living in remote areas and parents with young children among others. Additionally, one of the advantages of these courses is the availability of the learning material within a mouse click. Thus, using remote technologies allows the organization of an individual approach.

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Moreover, the use of MP3 files opens an additional way to comfortable learning. First, it is less expensive to have an audio file then lend a book. The information can be downloaded from university courses, and student can refer back to these sources when they face hard and obscure questions. They are able to listen to the information anywhere and anytime. This convenience motivates learners to have their notes and lectures based on the listened material as an implication for enhanced learning. Hence, the most important and interesting information can be download via the Internet in MP3 files format and be useful and supporting material for other students. Indeed, “audio files allow mobility and can spark discussion, since students can be brought together by creating podcasts using the blackboard” (Issa, 2012). With this approach, learners can involve 2 or more sensory channels during the processing of the material for the better understanding of the information. Therefore, usingg the MP3 files improves perception and usability of information.

On the other hand, wikis offer easy sharing of information between users. They allow finding the required material that has been created previously by other users of wikis. A big advantage is a possibility of changing and editing the information by anyone that would allow others to have good material. Although these means can be of questioned credibility, these can be useful primary sources to consider.

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It is impossible to overestimate the importance of emails in nursing education. As the source of communication online, email can be sent to anyone across time zones. The lack of information in web-based courses or wikis might be compensated through the electronic message. Thus, it is easy to share the information with other students and get interesting and useful information from them. Of course, learners can communicate with teachers via email, and it makes education easier.

To conclude, using informatics in nursing education improves learning conditions and outcomes. This factor offers different approaches for studying the materials for students with the various learning styles and choosing the way of learning that is appropriate for them. Furthermore, this aspect provides additional resources and reveals creativity in studying. Students are more motivated to organize all the material and to use it for further learning.

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