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Last Semester Reflection

Buy custom Last Semester Reflection essay

Buy custom Last Semester Reflection essay

Last semester was frantically hectic and demanding because of the inevitable time it took to adjust to college life after such an exciting holiday experience. However, as the intensity picked, and weeks quickly passed, I was able to establish a balance in my college life. Classes were my number one priority. I was more focused on improving my grades. My involvement in sports, organizations, kept me busy especially when I did not have much of class work. It enabled me to maintain a good rapport with my friend, colleagues as well as keeping fit.

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At times, I got too tired as a result of my involvements in extra curriculum activities and failed to submit my assignments on time. Looking back, however, I fully believe that the things I spent my time and effort on were very rewarding to me as well as those around me. I am happy that I got a chance to do a lot outside of class but still succeed academically. I realized that last semester I not only gained new friends, but also gained academic knowledge. My grades improved and I was very impressed by the achievement. My parents were very happy especially my dad; he rewarded me for m good work. For this reason, I am extremely grateful.

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One of the paramount things I learned in the last semester is how to correctly manage my time. I took part in many activities and still succeeded in scoring high grades in school. However, I have learnt that I cannot be involved in everything. There is a thin line between enjoying the college functions and being extremely committed to co-curricular activities and organizations. At some point, I was so dedicated to my sporting, organizational activities and having a social life that I hardly found enough time to sleep let alone submitting my assignments on time. I was overwhelmed and realized I required a break and concentrate on one or two activities if I was to perform well in my academics.

I also learned to schedule out each day of each week in order to effectively use my free time for completing assignments and engaging in other activities. Being an outgoing person, I found it challenging and boring reading and preparing for examinations, as opposed to the fun and glamour in attending organizational meetings and getting involved in various sporting activities. Howeever, I learnt how essential it is to budget time and not be too committed in co-curriculum activities. It is the realization of this that enabled me to attain high scores at the end of the term.

A regret that I have about last semester is the way I used to take notes during class lectures. I was not very neat and orderly in the endeavor and, as a result, I lost most of my notes. It was very challenging especially towards the end of the semester in readiness exams. I had no other alternative other than to spend a lot of money photocopying notes from my classmates to ensure that I at least have something to refer to while doing my final preparations. Last semester was enjoyable for me and I do not think I could have asked for a better college experience. I had developed as an individual in all spheres of life during the semester and I am confident that my skills will progress. I do not only count myself as lucky, but very blessed to be able to attend college and I am looking forward to what the future holds for me upon completion of my studies. College life is demanding to all who are prepared to acquire success. However, commitment and hard work pays.

Buy custom Last Semester Reflection essay

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