Free «After the War» UK Essay Paper

Free «After the War» UK Essay Paper

Wars are tragedies that nobody enjoys; neither participants nor non-participants. Every war has its effects that are usually so painful to behold. Wars leave people with wounds so hard to heal. The effects of every war are felt in several generations down the line. For instance, the effects of the world wars are felt to date. This paper will discuss the effects of war in general, citing examples from various real wars. To begin with, there are the effects that resulted from the nuclear bombing that happened in Japan. Since the nuclear bombs were released in japan, to today, people have been having health complications. It is known that children have been born with deformities because of the bombs. Secondly, the most renowned impact of war is the loss of lives. To cite an example, during the Rwanda 1994 genocide, approximately, eight hundred thousand individuals lost their lives. Loss of lives happens in every war that takes place. As a result of loss of lives, there is fear and terror in people who have not fallen by the sword. Third, there is economic regression as a result of war. There is no region that experiences war and flourishes economically. During wars, the warring region uses a lot of resources to finance and keep the war going. It also costs the region a lot of funds to resolve the conflict causing the war and eventually, halt the war. Another reason as to why economy regresses under war is that investors fear to invest in that region thus low income generation. To add to that, the people who had already invested, end up liquidating their assets for safety purposes. Fourth, during wars, there is massive destruction of property. The warring groups sabotage the properties alleged to belong to the enemies. This is evident because, during wars, there are many reports of the fires that have been witnessed. Another impact of war is that it heightens suspicion and mistrust among the conflicting groups. It is real that even prior the war, the groups were in mistrust and suspicion, but after the war, this condition worsens. There is also pursuit of revenge after wars. The group that feels it was beaten or defeated seeks to revenge in search of justice. Unless good measures are taken to advocate for forgiveness and reconciliation, the groups, mostly, end up in another war. This occurs because, the people who lost relatives, friends or even property, seek to take the lives of the opponents. Even though, this may not take place immediately, it will one day take place. It mostly occurs with children who lost parents to the war at attender age. These children grow up with the wounds of losing parents in the war; thus making them orphans. Therefore, war finds a way in the society even after several years of artificial peace. Artificial because, the wounds are still there; concealed in childhood and incapacity to fight but not healed. To avoid the reoccurrence of war, in pursuit of revenge, the society needs to invest in advocating for true reconciliation and invest in teaching the survivors of war how to forgive truly.

In conclusion, it is advisable for conflicting groups to solve their differences diplomatically. War should be avoided, through all means possible. For every nation, group or individuals, it is easy to solve conflicts diplomatically than to endure the effects of war. Conflicts, which are the causes of war, should be resolved before war erupts. There are many ways of resolving conflicts diplomatically. Therefore, for all who have conflicting opinion, it is wise to employ of the ways in pursuit of avoiding war.

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