Free «Agenda Setting Theory» UK Essay Paper

Free «Agenda Setting Theory» UK Essay Paper


The mass media can be all-encompassing, but not predominantly influential. This notion proclamation recapitulates the most considerable of the presently acknowledged social essentials and research answers about the American mass media, namely, until the surfacing of the ‘agenda-setting theory.’ Though realizing the fact that the mass media can be comprehensive, but not necessarily influential, examiners of agenda-setting are adamant that the media are uniquely persuasive. But not in terms of controlling people’s attitudes and behaviors, and directing their perceptions and preferences, but being persuasive in exposing to the populace, particular events, matters, and entities and in finding out to what extent people do care for public issues. In this paper, I will be plainly recapitulating and analyzing Eugene F. Shaw’s “Agenda-Setting and Mass communication Theory”, published by SAGE in 1979 and retrieved from International Communication Gazette.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this article is to remove all sorts of public suspicions, fears, and uncertainties towards the mass media via the agenda-setting approach, thus reaching out a pervasive, and at the same time persuasive depiction of the mass media.

Literature Review

The primary study of news flow by communication examiners Deutschmann and Danielson and by Greenberg discovered that by the late 1960s, insufficient transmission of information from the journalists to citizens by entities, called prominent individuals (influentials). In a contemporary civilization, these research, verified the mass of the information is acquired from its diffusion feeds incorporated into a structured system, the mass media. However, with the disruption of the 1984 model’s reputation, and the diffusion model constrained to impact outlooks and behavior, communication conjecture was discomfited with an oening. There was a lack of hypothetical management for the means people disperse news from the mass media and no acceptable clarification for the media’s assumed power on entities and groups. An additional research practice that neglects that journalism comprises overwhelming influence, subsists. The ‘uses and gratifications’ approach to the mass media, nonetheless, highlights intrapersonal requirements instead of interpersonal causes. They discovered that spectators are actively aware of what they see in newspapers, listen to on radio, or perceive on television, and persistently decide what media content to perceive and give their attention to. On the other hand, uses-and-gratifications research provides us with a noteworthy and different perception to our comprehension of the media’s indispensable factor in within our community. One of the communication academics, researcher Noelle-Neumann, barely noticed, assesses three functioning media attributes that can be voluntarily included within the agenda-setting theory - ubiquity, consonance, and cumulation. Ubiquity relates, in a present culture, to the all-encompassing existence of the mass media, which are arbitrarily obtainable to all people for news and amusement, and moreover for their personal satisfactions. Neumann’s further media attributes, cumulation and consonance, functionally conform to two provisions comprised in Communist nations, which explicate the chiefly thriving mind management and social power of a dictatorial government. Researchers figured out that agenda-setting generally takes place as a growing effect. The agenda-setting role of the media is deemed as valuable for the entity and community. In any case, it responds to the demands of the populace, so that they familiarize themselves appropriately with their setting, a setting recognized by them as an ever growing and progressively bewildering.

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Type of Research Conducted

The author used qualitative research as well as praagmatic approach to research.


Mass communication is a human business, and human actions are interestingly intricate. After years and years of nonstop assessment, testing, and scrutiny of exasperating theories and models, is a verification of the immense intricacy both of media influences and of spectators’ satisfactions. With the agenda-setting theory, nevertheless, communication academics might have located the directing, descriptive standard for most of the secluded information previously acknowledged about mass-media formations, procedures, and products. That notion might as well confirm to be a creative channel for incorporating new scientific conclusions, as they build up, into a universal mass-communication hypothesis.

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I find this article extremely significant and fundamental to the communication and media field. First, it thoroughly introduces and defines the dimensions and insights of the agenda-setting theory, and tries to bear away the feelings of uncertainties and doubts amongst the populace, towards the mass media. This article is a chief accessory to each and every journalist seeking to expand and evolve within the world of media.

Credibility of Article

I believe that the author was exceedingly credible in the way he presented the theories, in this case, mainly the agenda-setting theory, through plainly and accurately portraying the very aspects of the hypothesis’ essence and significance to journalism, and at the same time mentioning Noelle-Neumann, and thoroughly describing the three media characteristics assessed by her. The message was clear and the paper has kept me interested and eager to read it not just once, but few times. The writer has done a good job in establishing the theory and reaching out to the fears and uncertainties of people, and struggling to prove that the mass media are concurrently pervasive and persuasive.

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