Free «Changing Planet, Changing Health» UK Essay Paper

Free «Changing Planet, Changing Health» UK Essay Paper

Changing Planet, Changing Health: How the climate crisis threatens our health and what we can do about it is a journal written by Paul R. Epstein and Dan FerberUniversity of California Press (June 2012).Changing Planet, Changing Health is a journal that explains how climate change and its damaging effects affect health community.  Paul and Dan explain how climate crisis creates environmental health dangers, which include spread of disease vectors to and natural disasters.

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The journal explains how the climate crisis worsens the problems of food shortage and access to dirt free water. The authors explain ecological disasters like wildfires, drought and expansion of diseases are health-threatening. Authors also provide individual procedures and policy solutions that can help curb the climate crisis. These solutions include the ways to stop pollution.

The article deals with the issue of climate crisis effect on human health. The climate crisis has got several negative effects o human health. Climate crisis caused by climate change, increase chances of cancer diseases to people, because of the ultraviolet rays that reach the earth. Climate change has caused the depletion of the ozone layer that prevents these rays from reaching the earth. Climate crisis like lack of rain can also bring health problems where people suffer from hunger. Famie and drought that have resulted from the climate change have resulted to malnourishment of people especially in the developing countries. Floods that may result from the climate crises may cause people to suffer from water borne diseases like typhoid and bilharzias.

The authors’ way of dealing with the issue of the climate change effects on the human health is by controlling the factors that cause it. Pollution is the main cause of climate crisis. Pollution like air pollution has result to climate change. Individual should take measures to reduce pollution like burning of aerosols and use of carbon free fuels. The government should set policies that prevent pollution.

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 The writer addresses the topic well. The climate crisis is well addressed. The writer explains the causes of the climate crisis, the effects and the solutions to solve the problem. However the writer assumes that the reader knows the causes of climate change. The writer does not explain the causes of climate change that result to climate crisis. The writers are environmental health scientists.

The chosen article is not isolated from the urban life. The matters discussed in the journal explain that everybody has an individual responsibility in helping control the climate crisis. Pollution may result to the causes of climate change. This article will sensitize student to take a personal respoonsibility to ensure pollution is stopped.

The author's treatment, analysis, and explanation of this particular issue are done well. The authors start with explaining the climate crisis causes.  The authors clearly analyze the effects of climate crisis on the human health. The explanations are clear and concise. The authors also provide the solution to the problems of the climate crises. The treatment of this issue by the writer is well done.

The authors use terminology unfamiliar to most people. However the reader does not need to use other resources to understand the meaning of these terms. The writers define and explain all the terminologies before discussing them.

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The issue of climate crisis should be considered to be a priority when trying to achieve better human heath.  Climate crisis may not directly affect the human health but may also bring about disease causing vectors like mosquitoes. Climate crisis bring dangerous effects to the human health and should be dealt with.  Solutions to climate crisis should be implemented.

The climate crisis has got several negative effects o human health. The issue has been analyzed by the authors by stating the causes, the effects and the solutions to the problem. The authors explain all the terminologies used in journal. The article is not isolated from the urban life.

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