Free «Child Development» UK Essay Paper

Free «Child Development» UK Essay Paper

The child development is studied by many psychologists, biologists and sociologists. It is a very complicated process, and many issues of child development are not studied yet. One of the main questions about child development includes infants’ emotions. It is not clear yet, if they are pre-programmed biologically or determined by education or society.

I believe that children’s emotions can be pre-programmed biologically. Even children of a small age have some emotions. It is clear that they are biological, because such little babies cannot be taught yet. All babies have very similar emotions. Moreover, a slight look at the nearest relatives of people – chimpanzees – shows that these animals have emotions that are often close to human ones. Therefore, it would be necessary to state that children’s emotions could be caused by their nature and genes.

However, not all child emotions are pre-programmed biologically. All the time children grow up; they are brought up and educated. Children often try to look like their parents, teachers and friends. They copy other people’s behavior, and the emotions are an important part of behavior. The more children see and understand, the more they copy the emotions of others. They realize their accessory to a certain group or society, and they try to look like people among them by copying those people’s emotions. The more children grow and develop, the more emotions they get from other people.

However, I think that inherent emotions do not disappear completely when children grow up. The good examples of inherent emotions are smile and laugh. Nobody teaches children to do that. When children grow up and become adults, they continue smiling and laughing. Smile and laugh of an adult are very close to child’s ones. To my opinion, child emotions are combined of pre-programmed emotions and the emotions learned from other people.

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