Free «Conformist Mentality» UK Essay Paper

Free «Conformist Mentality» UK Essay Paper

The hotel and catering industries are the most important industries to any customer who is traveling to a new to him area. This is because eating is a basic need which people cannot ignore despite the newness of the place they are. Hunger is a natural call which everyone must obey. It is interesting to find that people at a new place choose to have a meal in a restaurant where there are many consumers. This behavior is common to all people, and it is hard to see a stranger in a place sitting in a hotel alone. Many scholars have tried to explain this social behavior as discussed below.

Taco, B. (2006). Fast food propaganda. Public Health Journal, 20, 100-136.

In his article, Fast Food Propaganda, Taco Bell pins out that people prefer densely populated restaurant in a hotel as they believe it to be safe and secure. According to Bell, people believe that the restaurants with more consumers have fresh food. Additionally, hotels are cheap, affordable, and legal. That is why there are many customers already having their meals. The author urges that most of the customers are from within the city. Therefore, they know that the hotel is clean and safe. This fact makes a stranger believe that the hotel is the best in a city. Strangers compare all prepositions around and join the restaurant with many consumers to guarantee their hygiene and security. Taco reveals the results he had obtained from interviewees from several participants in different cities in America. The participants claimed to join restaurant with many consumers as they believe the large population was the only source to get the true picture of restaurants in a new city.

Carl, K. (1999). Commercial hospitality. Mini-Finland Health Surveys, 47,180-190.

To explain this argument, Kate Carl’s Commercial Hospitality describes that a rational person cannot join a restaurant where there are no consumers. In her argument, Kate explains that whenever a person is in a new city, he depends on observation. Therefore, he visits only places which have many people inside. In addition, a visitor seeks to join places which have neat people. This is because neat people are most likely to be in a legal place which is of high hygiene. Therefore, a person seeks to join a restaurant with many accurate and organized customers as this appears to be the safest and cleanest place to have meal.

McDonald, A. (2005). Burger commercial. Fast Food Articles.

According to McDonald’s Burger Commercial, strangers in a city join restaurants with many consumers because they believe the meals are affordable. McDonald views the behavior from an economic perspective and points out that cost effectiveness is the reason behind every human behavior. As a marxist, McDonald claims that every human behavior is driven by economic status. Therefore, it is hard to join a sparsely populated restaurant since the probability of having expensive meals is high. Strangers view this as one of the reasons why people are rare visitors in such places. On the other hand, restaurants resort to different strategies to attract people to join their establishment. Most hotels with many consumers have ushers outside the hotel welcoming every potential customer passing near. This makes strangers join the restaurant and meet a large number of people who have also been welcomed. In this case, the restaurant usually has good food and high levels of services to retain customers.

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Julius, P. & Christie, L. (2009). Social behavior in hotel industry.International Population Project.

Julius Paul and Christie Lillian in their article Social Behavior in Hotel Industry claim that strangers join restaurants with many people for security purposes. The authors argue that hotels with many customers prepare fresh food in sanitary conditions. They give examples of the backdoor hotels which slaughter dogs and donkeys and prepare in food to customers. It is of a common sense that a big hotel with many visitors exists legally and does not have such irrational businesses. However, the authors argue that this is not always the case. Sometimes, hotels with many consumers attract them as a result of cheap food they are selling. This cheap food is sometimes not good for human health. In this article, the authors point out that hotels with many people are usually located in strategic places where everyone can notice them. Therefore, one does not have to follow back street where criminals conduct their evil business.

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Joyce, G. (2010). Social nature of human beings. Journal of Social Ethics, 11, 507-510.

Psychologist Joyce Geoffrey attributes the behavior to the social nature of human beings. Human beings are social beings and prefer a place where there are many people. That is why they are automatically attracted to a restaurant that is densely filled. Whenever a person is in an unfamiliar city, he joins a restaurant with many people so that he can get social support. It is more likely to find friendly people where there is a large group of people than when there are a few people. Additionally, in a large group of people, one is able to ask for right further direction if there is a need. This is because a person will hardly misdirect a stranger in a crowd because the other people will interfere and give correct direction. Additionally, a person prefers a restaurant with many people since it appears many others feel comfortable in this place. Therefore, a stranger will always join a restaurant with many consumers to share their comfort. Joyce argues that a stranger perceives that he will enjoy the restaurant if it appears to be favored for the majority.

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Jayne, K. (2003). Social theory and human behavior in populated areas. Journal of Social Ethics, 11, 515-520.

In his well-documented work, Social Theory and Human Behavior in Populated Areas, Kelvin Jayne urges that people always seek to act in the most normal manner whenever they are in a strange land. This is because they do not want to be identified as strangers. That is why a person will join a hotel that has many consumers to be seen as a commoner in the area. According to Jayne, a person cannot go to a restaurant that has no people sine one will appear to be unique. The author argues that one thinks that the restaurant with few people has a history which makes people not flock there. Therefore, joining the hotel will tell whether one knows the history or not. In this case, one will go to the restaurant whis others are visiting. This reduces suspense and increases security. The author claims that this is the best action to be taken whenever one is not familiar with a city.

Welvex, W. (2012). Conformity mentality, Complying With the Society, 12, 7-16

According to Welvex Wanjiku, humans do everything possible to avoid being rejected. They strive to behave accurately and correctly. In this case, whenever a person is in a new city, one uses observations and judgments to make the best decision on the restaurant to take meals. The restaurant with many consumers appears to be accurate. The stranger joins the restaurant with confidence that it is the best for the people in the city. The stranger feels accepted in the restaurant as he is not in the incorrect group of the few. On the other hand, perceptions play a big role in such a decision. Welvex points out that a stranger perceives that the restaurant with many consumers is the best in the area, and this is why it has many customers. This perception might sometimes be misleading since the consumers can be there because a politician paid a meal for his followers. In this case, this restaurant not obviously should be the best in the city. The article describes how human beings do their best to comply with the society.

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