Free «Cooking» UK Essay Paper

Free «Cooking» UK Essay Paper




History and Current Issues for Cooking

The Level of Participation of Male in the Cooking Activity that Has Been Dominated by the Female in the Past

For the past years cooking has been predominantly for women. The domination of females has been attributed by the culture of the society the world over. Females were left with the duty to prepare food as men were engaged in much more difficult activities like household management. In the past the male rarely cooked. It only happened in case a woman was sick or absent. However, at times it could happen because of love between the two and the husband would like to cook for the wife.

The Frequency with which Males Participate in the Activity Today

In the current world the essence of cooking is changed since this activity is meant for both genders (Civitello, 2011). The reason for that is the advent of the office work and employment of women. Today they have office jobs and come home late, thus having no time for cooking. However it has gone overboard with the females admitting in public that they do not like cooking. Among the famous ones are Beyonce and Mrs. Obama. As a result, men are engaged in cooking as well (Ueda, Takahata, & Nakajima, 2011). Therefore, males cook more often than before because of changes taking place in the society today leaving them with no choice. However in the United Kingdom, cooking has been the preserve of women with 72 percent of them still doing it (Mannon, 2014).

Theories as to Why There May or May Not Have Been Historical Changes in Participation

The economic theory dictates how the house chores are shared. For instance, in the recent past there was a distinct job description within the family. According to it, men went out to get food and meet the family needs financially while all the cooking initially was left for women since they were always at home (Baldwin, 2012). However later there has been equal commitment in the family. With the development of civilization and technology, women have found more white collar jobs that have made it impossible for them to keep up with cooking. Gender inequality theory plays a key role as well. By the fact that each family member is engaged in other activities for making economic gain, it has been impractical to overwork women. Therefore the culture of the women doing cooking has changed gradually over time (Siripon, Tansakul, & Mittal, 2007). Now both men and women cook at their convenience for a fact that there is no much free time for either of them.

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Relationship to Class Materials

Activity that Fits into Traditional Ideas of Leisure for the Opposite Gender

Historically, cooking was meant for women as stipulated in the culture. Cooking was the easiest activity as men were engaged in more demanding jobs for they were masculine. Therefore with the difference in the way the duty is performed, there was a distinction between male and female responsibilities depending on the ability to carry out the function. Therefore performance of duties in the recent past was considered on the ability to do them (Wrangham & Conklin-Brittain, 2003). Men had to be responsible for the welfare of the family by providing for its members leaving women with household chores (Burton, 2010). By default, it became part of the culture that women would have to care for the family and provide cooking services.

Experience with the Cross-Gendered Activity

Cooking is a cross-gendered activity since it can be done by both genders and it is not prohibited by the culture. However the culture, that is a way of life, has molded the human beings in a way that they are driven to do things as it dictates. The culture we have today has significantly changed the issue of job distribution in the house. However a great number of females still find it fun to cook different meals notwithstanding the pressure they have at work. Hence cooking is more embraced by women despite the challenges (Wrangham & Conklin-Brittain, 2003).
Constrains Felt while Performing the Activity and the Reason Why the Activity Was Not Performed Before

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The main reason for the failure to participate in an activity was coupled with the fact that there was a deficiency in knowledge of what to cook and how to do it (Sutton & Hernandez, 2007). Experiencing frustration because of not knowing a recipe of a single meal leads to frustration in the process of carrying out the activity (Clifford, Anderson, Auld, & Champ, 2009). Therefore the fun in the activity is lost leaving it a boring thing to engage in. However the process of  performing the activity provides the opportunity to learn and get to know how to do cooking (Hartmann, Dohle, & Siegrist, 2013). Now I am able to prepare different dishes and realize that it is among the best things to do during leisure time.

Reflection on Personal Learning

Challenges and the Feelings during the Participation

In order to undertake cooking activity, one has to have concrete information on the components of a particular meal and the exact proportions. Apart from the knowledge of the recipe, the skill to perform the activity plays a great role. Therefore to enjoy the whole process of cooking, one has to possess the two attributes. Lacking the two fundamental attributes of a cook at the beginning of the whole process, I felt embarrassment. There was no fun in carrying out the activity at first. However, during the participation process I decided to learn how to do it. It came out to be fun and I came to like cooking as a whole.

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