Free «Cybercrimes» UK Essay Paper

Free «Cybercrimes» UK Essay Paper

From the article entitled cyber-crimes and their impacts: a review, it is clear that there are many computers connected to the internet at any time and the high number means that there are people who propagate cyber attacks (Hemraj & Yerra, 2012). Cyber crime can be defined as an act either omitted or committed in violation of the law commanding or forbidding it and for which the punishment is imposed upon its conviction. It is a criminal activity which is directly related to the use of computers by either illegal trespass to a database or computer system of another, theft or manipulation of stored data or even sabotage of data or equipment. Examples of cyber attackers include crackers, hackers, pranksters, career criminals, cyber terrorists, cyber bulls and salami attackers among others. This article is reliable as the authors have used real life situations in their explanations and have also cited the sources where they obtained the information (Hemraj & Yerra, 2012).

“Cybercrime victimization: an examination of individual and situational level factors” is a journal article that tries to explain the emergence of cybercrimes and its effect on individuals. The authors of this article carried out a research using a sample of college students to assess the effects of cybercrimes on individuals’ lifestyle or routine activities. In the recent past, there has been the emergence of cybercrimes due to the increased use of the internet (Ngo & Paternoster, 2011). The conclusions drawn from this study shows that neither the situational or individual characteristics can reduce the likelihood of victimized in the cyberspace. Individuals with high self control are able to overcome victimization from the cyberspace while those with less ability to control themselves are highly affected by cybercrimes. This journal article is reliable as the authors conducted a scientific research from where they have drawn their conclusions. They have also incorporated several theories in explaining their observations and cited the sources (Ngo & Paternoster, 2011).

From an article entitled “Cyber crime: a clear and present danger”, threats that are posed to many organizations by the cybercrimes have increased at a faster rate than the potential victims can cope with them. A Cyber crime constitutes to a larger threat and a more common threat than the respondents can recognize. The current security models in many organizations are minimally effective against the emerging cybercrimes and these organizations are not even aware of that fact (Deloitte, 2010). This article is mainly addressed to operational risk managers, procurement professionals, and government agency budgeting professionals among others who are involved in the making of decision that involve the security of an organizational. The article is written by Deloitte which is an international organization that provides advisory and auditing services all over the world hence it is a reliable article. Organizations are advised on how they can improve the security of their data on the internet (Deloitte, 2010).

“Cyber crime: its impact on government, society and the prosecutor” is an article that tries to explain the complexities and the financial costs of cyber crimes to the government, societies and prosecutors. In the recent past, technology has continued to expand and many governments are involved in international businesses. Cyber criminals on the other hand have realized that this is a very cost effective way of making money. There are several types of cyber crimes that include: external cyber threats, internal cyber threats, the use of malicious software, phishing, e-commerce fraud, web hacking and hacktivism among others. The law enforcement agencies should be updated on the new methods developed to commit cyber crimes. Several case studies have been cited throughout the article and the sources have been properly cited hence it is a reliable article.

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