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Developmental and Cognitive Disorders

Buy custom Developmental and Cognitive Disorders essay

Buy custom Developmental and Cognitive Disorders essay


Developmental and cognitive disorders are common in human growth today. These disorders are brought about due to various effects or living styles. Considerably, I will like to point out that the course has been of immense importance to me. This is because I have learnt various aspects in developmental and cognitive disorders (Barlow, 2008, p. 139). However, my major concern was in the study of anxiety disorders and early childhood obsessive and compulsive disorders in this course. These two aspects substantially cover the interests of my society and implementing them will be beneficial. In addition, these disorders are significantly related to the challenges in growth and development of people. This paper is a discussion reflecting on developmental and cognitive disorders with relation to psychopathology. Major attention will be drawn from development and cognitive disorders.

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Anxiety is a usual reaction to situations that are stressful. The treatment study of anxiety disorders enables psychopathologies on how to deal with this situation. This through motivation and keeping the patient or individual focused. Anxiety disorders develop mostly when the level of anxiety is excessive and frequent. Consequently, it develops to fear and dread of daily situations of life. Therefore, there are arious ways that have been set by programs in the treatment of anxiety disorders (Barlow, 2008, p. 124). Social phobia are one of the problems that pertains the fear of interaction of an individual and others. There may be panic disorders in anxiety disorders given an awaited situation. Generalized anxiety disorders accounts for the anxiety behaviours within the society like danger over something. The course outlines on diagnostic measures. Children behaviour should be closely monitored, and stressful activities avoided.

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Early childhood obsessive compulsive disorder is common in growth of children. This is based on the cognitive behavioural activities of children. Children often suffer from this disorder due to intrusive and unnecessary thoughts (Barlow & Durand, 2009, p. 311). Diagnostic and statistical regard on manual concern of mental disorders are basic in studying behavioural activities of anxiety. Factors such as excessive doubting, dilemma, and anxiety leads to obsessive comparative disorder. In addition, the course provides a cognitive type of behavioural therapy that ensures anxiety affected children with disorders are coached. Children are left to learn on “boss backing” their obsessive compulsive disorder and expose their fear (Antony and Barlow, 2010, p. 214). This is important in of knowledge of psychopathology as the anxiety behaviours are exposed and possible measures taken. The knowledge of psychopathology has significantly changed me with relation to the growth of children and the various disorders they face. Psychopathology has enabled me to understand the attitude and behaviours among children. This is mainly in regard fulfilment of their needs. Otherwise, if the requirements of children are not met they are endangered from anxiety. Diagnostic and manual statistical disorders have helped me in evaluating mental problems associated with psychology (Barlow & Durand, 2009, p. 321). In addition, after the course it is quite clear that diagnostic and statistical aspects in mental disorders will be acquired leading to easy administration of the study to children and patients suffering from various disorders.


Finally, I would recommend this course to those in the field of pathology. This is because it correlates with the health and psychological factors in the current society. Anxiety and various disorders have led to the emergence of various vital diseases. Paralysis and stroke are common from disorders. Therefore, management of these disorders requires professionally trained individuals in this field. Cognitive disorders are as a result of stress that results build up pressures within the mind of the affected. Considerably, stress and disorders may be worse if not controlled earlier among children.

Buy custom Developmental and Cognitive Disorders essay

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