Free «Discussion Board» UK Essay Paper

Free «Discussion Board» UK Essay Paper

The reason for database centralization is that it offers the opportunity for a firm to protect its essential information from acts of theft and sabotage. Since an organization’s data can be accessed at a specific location, managers are often capable of setting up a robust security system to prevent unauthorized access. This is necessary because some databases are often sensitive and the failure to limit their access may end up posing privacy threats (Smith, 2005). However, the rule that the data should be manageable and accessible to its users is important especially for firms that have branches in different locations across the globe. It makes it easier for individuals to retrieve important information from their exact locations. This reduces the amount of time taken by individuals to access the information desired. Organizations should store one copy of data at different locations and, therefore, reduce the risk of information loss if the central database is sabotaged.

The acronym CRUD as used in the field of information systems implies the basic functions of a certain database and represents the following tasks: create, read, update, and delete. It is not possible to have a database that does not have all CRUD rights. Nevertheless, complete software should be able to create or add new entries, read and retrieve the existing entries, update entries and delete or deactivate entries for effective functioning. It would be difficult to limit those rights unless someone only wants a database that has limited features. This would entail various adjustments in the CRUD to ensure that entries can be modified to establish individual datasets to give access rights to different users. To keep those rights, an individual should be aware of the exact features required to make their information systems persistent, basing on whether the data is public or private.

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