Free «EMAL» UK Essay Paper

Free «EMAL» UK Essay Paper

Before establishing a training program, it is crucial for the trainers to carry out a thorough research on the company’s situation since good employee training is quite crucial for the success of an organization. The training programs in EMAL are important as they aim at preparing the trainees for future posts at the organization. First, the trainees should be taught organizational skills. These skills allow employees to perform certain projects and tasks on time. The other necessary skills are communication skills which can be divided into written, oral and listening skills. Trainees are required to identify the words to use in a certain circumstance in a clear and concise manner. They are also trained how to put their thoughts on a paper through writing. Effective writing skills are also taught in communication skills and they include use of proper verbs and tenses, and arrangement of paragraphs among others.

After progressing in their careers, the trainees require other additional skills. One of them is analytical skills which are crucial in determining the strategies to use in an organization. Analytical skills help one to think and make logical decisions in the organization. The other skills they would need are computer skills. In this dynamic world, many organizations have or are adopting computerized systems. Computer skills range from typing, use of the Internet and the ability to use specific software on a computer. They may also need to have leadership skills as they progress further in their careers or get promoted.

In the website: http://www.emal.ae/, Emirates Aluminum Company has put emphasis on people and career by ensuring that they are committed to the future of all citizens in UAE. The company has indicated in the website that it aims at creating more jobs within and without the country. In its plans to establish a single site aluminum smelter which will be the largest in the world, Emirates Aluminum Company requires unique experience and skills of project managers, engineers and construction managers who have both global and local experience. The company has opportunities in different industry disciplines such as electrical and mechanical engineering, logistics environmental science and marketing. Those with relevant skills in the mentioned disciples are encouraged to apply for a job in the company.

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