Free «Engineering Assignment» UK Essay Paper

Free «Engineering Assignment» UK Essay Paper

I play two roles in my team: as a follower, and as an idea generator. As a follower, I take up the ideas generated by the group and regard them as my responsibility, in accordance with the way they have been assigned. As an idea generator, I take part in my group’s brainstorming process to generate, develop, and communicate new ideas with the rest. This becomes vital for innovation, development, and the actualization of building the robot.

My team is made up of four engineering students, namely Hani, Edwin, Jimmy, and Yaser. Hani is the group leader. As a leader, he exhibits a social and intellectual intelligence among all the group members. He organizes us to achieve a common goal, which is putting up the robot. Edwin is like the source of morale in the group. He just psyches us up and increases our sense of purpose which consequently improves our project execution performance. Jimmy has a significant practical experience which he uses to facilitate team formation on complex technicalities.

Our primary mode of communication is the email. All of us have a 24 hour access to the internet and therefore this mode has been quite effective. Through email, it is possible to get into details concerning a particular aspect as opposed to the other modes. Email is also cheap.

At first, our teamwork was suffering in a big way because our roles and responsibilities had not been set out and defined. We would encounter situations where each one of us would expect the other to do a particular task. This led to lack of effective integration within the team, and we encountered problems completing our tasks on time. However, when each stakeholder was assigned a clear role and responsibility, there was an immediate improvement within the teammates’ interaction.

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