Free «Good Shepherd Hospital» UK Essay Paper

Free «Good Shepherd Hospital» UK Essay Paper

The marketing research approach followed by the Good Shepherd Hospital before starting up the fitness center was poor and ineffective since it did not lead to the understanding of both the hospital employees’ and community residents’ exact interests. It is likely that the researchers were guided by their own justifications that the individuals living within the region demand a fitness center whereby they would be able to receive medical services in a more convenient manner. The research results were all flawed and led to the implementation of a wrong project that did not necessarily reflect the needs of the community. It is evident that the initiation of the center was only geared by the motivation by its founders to make more profits.

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GSH’s mistake while conducting its research was the failure to segment the general population into various traits before collecting a sample (Rubin & Babbie, 2009). The move to generalize the entire population was not right since the results attained could have reflected one group of individuals only. For better research results, it is necessary to represent all individuals in the sample by using certain characteristics that embody all employees and comunity residents. 

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The assumptions made by the GSH while carrying out the research was that all individuals willing to attain medical services in the fitness center found its location convenient and were willing to pay the fees charged. It is probable that the people interviewed during the research were living around the recommended location of the center and had no financial difficulties. As a result, generalizing all the individuals as financially stable with good access to the center was quite misleading. It was also assumed that other characteristics of the fitness center such as the ethical practices and the costs likely to be incurred were favorable to all the people living in the community. This is the reason for the poor turn up since the research carried out did not incorporate the characteristics of all the people and favored only a few individuals who were well off.

The interviewers should have qualified positive responses by considering the traits exhibited by the people being interviewed to ensure that certain verdicts represented certain groups only but not the entire population in the community. There should have been additional questions such as the services each individual would bbe satisfied with and their social class based on their incomes to determine whether the services offered would be accessible to all the residents in the region. The fitness center’s demand and interest should have been gauged by such factors as the income patterns social grouping rather than the ease of accessibility as perceived by the researchers.

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It is also clear that GSH did not take other competing facilities into consideration. This is manifested in the assertions made by some of the community members that the fitness center does not compare favorably with the other facilities which patients had the alternative to seek healthcare services from. Moreover, the researchers did not consider the location of the other facilities and the costs incurred by patients so that they may make good decisions on where to locate the fitness center and the right prices to charge for their services. Marketing research should be aimed at providing actual findings about a population (Lamb et al, 2008). It therefore implies that the entire interviewing process was a failure and prompted the hospital to implement a project that only ended up costing the firm rather than helping it offer the desired services and make additional profits. 

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