Free «How Does Framing Matter» UK Essay Paper

Free «How Does Framing Matter» UK Essay Paper

Today, there is reporters’ powerful attraction to game schema due to its increasing prevalence, the trends and the enduring features in politics as well as journalism accountability.

The developments in the news industry and in politics have led to growth of game frame hence a good base of understanding them. There is a suggestive evidence for the effects of strategically framed news on the public that was suggested by Cappella and Jamieson. Therefore framing helps makes complex issues and ideas to be easily understandable.

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Framing improves on professionalism and specialization. The rise of television and celebrity journalism improves specialization and professionalism through encouraging more dramatized, assertive and interpretative kind of reporting. Through focusing on the ‘technical’ issues of political game, views, strategies, wins and losses, journalist avoid taking sides politically. This improves on their integrity and specialization.

Framing also activates public cynicism about politics. This is so since the empiricl record about news coverage on other political contexts like making policies is more limited. They report that game framed news predominated in coverage of news debate of 1993 1nd 1994 on reform in health care, where 67% of news items framed primarily according with the political strategy. Only 25% were framed according to the substantive content of various reform proposals.

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Framing, at most basic level suits in most of the key criteria of ‘news worthiness’ prevalent in the news business for decades. In framing, journalism enduring focuses on conflict. Drama is clearly reflected during game-frame coverage, placing the political players and events into a two-sided conflict of a simple framework. On the other hand, drama developed by the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ expectations.

Framing can also help journalists in linking storylines with ongoing sagas and how they relate. This is shown where several observers came to realize that journalists many at times judge the events worthiness by their implicit relationship to bigger continuing events linked in a narrative manner. “Daaily news stories are events of larger continuing sagas…simply put, for news to be produced routinely. Journalists must visualize events as part of larger, broader storyline as well as move and plot along one episode to next,” argues political scientist Timothy Cook.

Framing has a competitive advantage. It is possible that the increasing demands for daily news from Washington, and the highly competitive nature of Washington reporting make the game frame more useful to reporters covering the national policy-making scene. Therefore, the game frame can more easily supply competition that creates a higher premium of novelty. It is much easier to introduce a new twist on the day’s news through focusing on the game than by researching issues of substance.

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Framing is one of the major concepts of carrying out the activities of journalism and news organizations. In framing, journalism enduring focuses on conflict and drama. Journalists’ implicit expectation on the political conflict structure may make the game frame seem the most appropriate in a particular phase of the political process.

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