Free «Inniskillin Vidal Icewine» UK Essay Paper

Free «Inniskillin Vidal Icewine» UK Essay Paper

Inniskillin Vidal wine is a type of the new world wines, which is rich in both flavor and texture. According to Donald (2000), the ice wine is produced by Inniskillin winery in Toronto, Canada (Donald, 2000). However, due to its good fruity flavors, the wine has become popular in many markets all over the world. Just like any other new world wine, Inniskillin Vidal Icewine has superb fruit flavors, combined with refreshing acidity. The wine is made from the very ripe grapes since they are grown in vineyards in hot climates, as it is the case with the new world wines. Therefore, it has a higher alcoholic content and is fully boiled, a common characteristic of many of the new world wines.

Customarily, Old World Wines were named after well-known regions in Europe such as Champagne, Hock, and Sherry. The naming gave the consumers a clue of how the wines could taste. However, this trend of naming wines has changed after wine producers have developed the self-assurance to come up with their own style of developing the names such as Inniskillin Vidal and Grange. According to Donald (2000), Inniskillin Vidal wine disregarded the origin of the grapes used in making it in order to attain a more reliable style (Donald, 2000). The trend of labeling has become a common phenomenon with many of the New World Wines. Recent research shows that New World wine producers have revived the skills of amalgamating wines to come up with great combinations. Inniskillin Vidal Icewine is a combination of many flavors, and this explains its pleasant taste. The wine is a combination of many fruit flavors, which is the case with many New World Wines. It is rich and smooth on the tongue with some bits of honey, apple, and a smell of waxy flowers. It also has some amounts of lemon and tangerine.

Inniskillin Vidal Icewine is less dependent on geographical regions, which is the case with the New World wines and hence it has focused on branding as the major marketing strategy. According to Donald (2000), branding has made it possible for Inniskillin Vidal Icewine to penetrate global market and compete equally with the Old World Wines, which are considered by many as superior compared to the New World Wines (Donald, 2000). It is important to note that many New World vineyards are much bigger compared to the old vineyards and this is the main reason as to why they have attained big-sized economies and are better placed in terms of bargaining with a variety of market sellers. Being a New World vineyard, Inniskillin vineyard is vast, and it is known for its competitive advantage in the available markets.

Just like many of the New World Wines, Inniskillin Vidal Icewine prices are high but worth the cost because of their rich quality. Many supermarkets are preserving a large portion for the New World Wines compared to other types of wines and liquor and it is clear that the Inniskillin Vidal Icewine producers are taking advantage of this trend to make more sales. The big size of the Inniskillin winery has made it an attractive target for the global drinks company in quest to exploit the wines that it produces including Inniskillin Vidal Icewine (2007) instead of beer and spirits. This explains the reason Inniskillin Vidal Icewine 2007 has become a favorite product for many multinational drink companies, which is the common trend with many of the New World Wines.

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Therefore, Inniskillin Vidal Icewine 2007 is similar to the new wine in many ways ranging from flavors, tastes, price, market, and likeness. However, it differs in other ways and appears preferable to the new wine. In fact, Inniskillin is becoming the wine of choice for many people.

1) Inniskillin Vidal Icewine 2007 Current News and Events

According to Walden (2010), since Inniskillin winery put wines produced in Canada on the global map in the 1991 by wining several trophies and gold medals, ice wines have become a common product not only in Canada, but also all over the world (Walden, 2010). The winery profile has become extraordinary due to the ever-flowing awards that the company is able to win through its high quality wines such as Inniskillin Vidal Icewine 2007. In 2008, Inniskillin Vidal Icewine scooped a silver medal in the annual wines’ competitions. One of the most important events concerning Inniskillin Vidal Wine took place on December the 10th, 2009, the day President Barack Obama was being rewarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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During this important occasion, Inniskillin Icewine was chosen to be among the wines that were to be served to Barack Obama and other dignitaries attending the event. The Nobel Committee and the specialist who were doing the tasting at the grand hotel decided that Inniskillin Vidal Icewine was to be served on this important occasion. Inniskillin Icewine was selected as one of the most fitting for its rich texture and taste. Following the selection, the producer of the wine commented and said that he was more than pleased that one of his wines was selected for this important occasion. An article published after the occasion indicated that the Inniskillin Vidal Wine sales shot up due to the publicity it had achieved by being served at such an important occasion.

In the year 2010, Vidal Icewine won three trophies, a bronze medal in the Decanter World Wine Awards, a gold medal in the Worldwide Wine and Spirits Competition and a silver medal in the Critics Challenge International Wine Competition. During the 2010 Global Competition, Michael Franz made a statement in praise of the Vidal Icewine and said that the wine was soft in texture, with the well-balanced acidity, which gave it rich taste. In 2011, the wine scooped more than five trophies in the various competitions, which were held throughout the year. Recently last year, the wine scooped a silver medal in the Dallas Wine Competition. During this event, the wine was praised for its well-balanced fruit flavors and smooth texture.

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In some recent news, Inniskillin Vidal Icewine has been referred by many wine lovers as a perfect match to a special dessert and it has been given the name “The Liquid Gold” for Canada to show how popular it has become. According to this recent news, Inniskillin Vidal Icewine is not only enjoyed in Canada, but also in over 70 countries all over the world. The wine is not only popular in drinking joints, but it has also become a common drink in home entertainment. Current news indicates that Inniskillin Vida Icewine has become one of the top wines sought after and it is better placed in the market compared to most of its competitors. Having gathered several trophies since it was first produced, this wine has enabled the Inniskillin wine company to gain much attention in the global wine markets. In conclusion, it can be argued that Inniskillin Vidal Icewine is a unique product that is currently high in demand both in the local and international wine markets because of its high quality and well-balanced acidity and fruit flavors.

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The news and current events show how Inniskillin Vidal Icewine has become popular in the market. It has outdone most of the existing wines, thereby capturing a good market share.

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