Free «Integrated Thematic Unit Approach» UK Essay Paper

Free «Integrated Thematic Unit Approach» UK Essay Paper

‘Everybody Needs a Rock’ appeals to me most, this is because it provides suggestions for teaching themes that build upon what student's know well. The approach in this unit increase confidence while expanding concepts and background through fostering positive attitudes about reading and writing.

I would consider using the integrated thematic unit approach to instruction because it helps students understand connections and how to connect. It helps them to draw connections from the real world, using common objects known by them. It also focuses the learner on the mastery of goals. This approach produces well-rounded students who can engage in learning activities through making fun. It also enables creativity to the teacher as shown in the case of ‘Everybody Needs a Rock' which is authentic and original. Though interesting the approach has some draw backs; some students could lose interest in the theme failing to take part due to low interest. Finding enough resources to cover all aspect of the topic is cumbersome. Learners may find it hard to inter-relate the points of reference within that one topic.

The good news about using integrated thematic units for instruction is that it allows students to show on problems and situations that show the world as they know it. Exploration and discovery are paramount to teachers and students; this approach enables the teacher as the dispenser of knowledge to interrelate and information to different world objects that are well-known to the students. There is a common link between literature and the world from which learners branch out and investigate.

Constructivist approach to content and meaning appeal most to me as it enables the use of technology in the classroom. This approach is also capable of integrating word processing skills into creative activities that saves time through enabling teaching of multiple subjects at one time.

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