Free «Issues Related to Prejudice and Discrimination» UK Essay Paper

Free «Issues Related to Prejudice and Discrimination» UK Essay Paper

Being an African American woman elucidates the varied forms of prejudice and discrimination that the groups to what I belong need to overcome. The variations in the forms of discrimination can be evident from the synthesis of the case of “Coca-Cola coughs it up”, in which the African-American employees had to file a suit for evident discrimination within the company (Holbrook, 2011). The evident forms of discrimination in this case included barriers in promotions and salary remunerations, in which the African-Americans were discriminated against (Holbrook, 2011). In order to rebrand its image, the company had to pay for the fines and additional packages. This leaves unanswered questions as per to why there existed the forms of discrimination in the first place (Schaefer, 2012, p. 102). Consequently, no matter the efforts vested towards reclaiming the reputation, the case depicts the company in a bad image.

The other form of discrimination is the “Lockheed loses”, in which the African-American electrician filed a suit in response to the evident racial discrimination. The eventuality of the lynching claim and the consideration of the superiority of the company to the level of will “never lose” a law suit shows how the minority are undermined (Holbrook, 2011). The eventuality of the case does not only elucidate the vigor of forms of discrimination against the African-Americans but also shows the consequences of all forms of racial discrimination. These may include payment of fines for contravention with the law, which culminates in loses for the company and display of the company in bad image over the allegation, which also affects the performance (Holbrook, 2011).

The types of issues related to prejudice and discrimination that the group of the African-Americans had to overcome is the loss of the sense of belonging to the community within their jurisdiction (Holbrook, 2011). For instance, the case of the electrician in the “Lockheed Loses” could early endure the psychological implications of the lynching threats from the same community that should have protected his destiny. Consequently, the evident forms of racial discrimination based on the benefits from the Coca-Cola company reveals the psychological trauma for the African-Americans who have to fend off on lower wages despite the toil (Schaefer, 2012, p. 125).

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