Free «Literacy Practices Inventory and Report» UK Essay Paper

Free «Literacy Practices Inventory and Report» UK Essay Paper

Literacy practices are language events and activities that define and shape a group of people. In any community, some specific literacy practices are identified with that specific community. In the recent past, there has been a shift in technology as far as communication is concerned, especially in reading, writing, opinions, and ideas (Ortlieb & Cheek, 2013). This has resulted into the development of new literacy practices for various communities. An example of a community that has embraced literacy practices and communication means to shape itself is Muslim Student Association (MSA) at University of Utah. As this report reveals, the group’s leader is able to communicate to the members of the community, and this has helped the community to remain united and intact.


Interview with the MSA leader:

Date and time of interview:

Description: The interview shows some of the literacy practices that are used at MSA community. The MSA leader describes the different forms of communication used, when and why they are used at varying times. In his responses, the community leader outlines some of the challenges they face in communication.

Interview with MSA member:

Date and time of interview:

Description: The group member gives his opinion on the effectiveness of communication at MSA. The interviewee also suggests ways that can be used to improve communication at MSA. Literacy practices at MSA are well developed.

MSA conference 2012 document:

Description: the document is used by the group leaders to communicate vital information to group members. The document is a form of literacy practice because it informs the community members of the date and venue of the conference.

The Muslim at prayer document:

Description: this document is specifically meant for new members of the community. Just as a child learns the practices of a community, this document educates new members on community practices. In this way, the document helps to shape new members to conform to community ideologies.

Just the tip of the iceberg document:

Description: This power point presentation describes vital information regarding the Islam religion. The document tries to give current members to remain attached to the group and at the same time tries to attract more people to join the community.

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Islam guide document:

Description: this is a guide to the core values of Islam. The target of this document is new and non-Muslims. The document provides literacy information to new community members. When all members of a community follow similar values and principles, this defines the shape and boundaries of the community.

Donate and help document:

Description: this document urges MSA members to participate in donations, as a way of fulfilling Allah’s will. In the document, community members are educated on the need to participate in helping those in need.

In conclusion, literary practices are used extensively in MSA to create cohesion and unity in that community. Literary practices define the shape that a community takes. In addition, literary practices define the boundaries of a community, because members follow common values and principles (Hull & Schultz, 2001).


Me: Which communication means are used in your group?

Answer: SMS, telephone, emails, notices, Facebook, Twitter, and newsletters.

Me: Which ones do you consider most effective?

Answer: Phone calls and Facebook.

Me: Why do you consider these communication means as the most effective?

Answer: Because phone calls are answered immediately and everyone visits his or her Facebook account every day.

Me: Are there any challenges in communication in your group?

Answer: Sometimes the leaders use emails and then you open your email account when it is late. In some cases, notices are put in areas that are rarely visited. In such cases, you may fail to get important information.

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Me: What do you think can be done to smoothen communication in your group?

Answer: The leaders should select the most convenient means of communication that will reach all people and people can give feedback.

Me: Do you think communication has any role in your group?

Answer: Yes, communication plays a major role in uniting the group members and informing members of its vision and activities. Through communication, group members are also able to interact and exchange ideas.

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