Free «Procedures Manual» UK Essay Paper

Free «Procedures Manual» UK Essay Paper


The following proposal letter is a request for approval of my manual topic procedures. In the proposal, I am requesting my instructor to allow me to proceed with the manual topics to be drawn attention to in this paper. My proposal is about tax preparation. My company (Hans Tax Experts) is well known and has many years of experience in helping companies how to prepare taxes. Therefore, this procedure manual would provide a feasible guideline of tax preparation.


Dear Mr. Jones,

The sole reason of writing this letter is to offer a practical way of tax preparation. All over the world it is lawful to pay taxes. More often than not, taxes are paid in order for the government to obtain money for provision of national defense, roads and because man rejected God among others (Meyer, 2013). The two types of income taxes in U.S. are federal income tax and state income tax.  The government takes the federal income tax and uses it to assist the whole nation. The state income tax is taken by the state government. It is used to provide services like garbage collection, water, fire protection and police (Scidor, 2013). Surprisingly, a lot of people whether learned or not learned do not how to prepare taxes and therefore seek help from their friends or tax professionals.

Therefore, this proposal is offering the steps to be followed when preparing taxes.  Our firm is one of the most recognized in terms of offering tax preparation services and therefore, it would follow the strict rules and regulations required when doing tax preparation. In order for the filing of tax to be effective, it would require the cooperation of both the audit officers and the workers.  The background information together with the proposal criteria are attached herewith. In order to ensure realization of accurate results, our firm usually invites auditors from other accountant’s competent bodies during our committee meetings for advice.  Our corporation is one of the few most experienced companies offering tax and auditing services to several companies both in the profit and non-profit sectors. 

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A number of proposal copies would be jotted for the auditing purposes.  At the end, a long proposal would be produced which would offer al the details of the tax preparation process.  The proposal would contain roughly 12 pages, which would comprise all the details and the material information given, for instance, counting income and lining up deductions (Johnson, 2013). As a result of abiding by the rules of tax preparation, the company would be free to conduct the exercise without any interruptions. In addition, there would bbe a good cooperation between the government and the workers.  Services like health care, social services, security services and national defense are supported by the governments by the money paid inform of taxes.

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Procedures Manual Chapters

  1. Getting the numbers in order: Every employee would be obliged to provide his/her social security numbers including the numbers of those an employee supports, for instance, children, spouse.
  2. Counting of income. Income would be tallied according to the previous year’s income. This would also include the income earned by one’s dependants and the number of jobs one is doing.
  3. Finding the previous year’s returns. Last year’s returns would guide this year’s returns provided life would not have altered significantly.
  4. Line up subtractions. This would involve deductions that an employee can allege in that year. Those claims would require documentation.
  5. Documents of contributions.  These would involve charitable donations made by an employee in a year.
  6. Preparation for refund. This would involve looking for the best way of getting any refund available. 

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