Free «Psychology Historical Figures» UK Essay Paper

Free «Psychology Historical Figures» UK Essay Paper

February 11

This day in 1890 was Heinz birthday. He contributed significantly to developmental psychology, psychology if aesthetics, perception as well as mental retardation. In 1905 on the same day, Francis Irwin was born. His works focused on delay of reinforcement, psychophysics and human decisions. He was the father of the theory of intentional behaviour and motivation. Bernice Levin was also born on this day in 1916, and he received his first PhD in human development in 1943. She has contributed significantly in sociology and psychology of adult development and aging.

December 21

On the 21st day of December 1854, was Morton prince's birthday. He promoted scientific methods in studying abnormal personalities. He pioneered the study of multiple personalities, founded the journal of abnormal psychology and established the Harvard psychological clinic. Anna Berliner was born on this day in 1888 and she excelled in visual perception, advertising psychology and experimental optometry. She established experimental psychology to Japan.

January 1

Jean Walker's birthday was on this day in 1894. Her works featured human resourcefulness, variety of paths of normal development and complex interaction of factors influencing adjustment. On the same day, in 1926, was Jack Wiggins' birthday. His contributions include studies on selective perception and projective techniques. He was among the founders of council of psychological practices and health service providers in psychology. He also served as the president of APA in 1992. 


Out of the three days, I perceive that most significant historical figure was Morton Prince. He was not only concern with solving his day’s problem but sought to educate the future generations by founding the journal of abnormal psychology, which at present is referred to as “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology”. Prince also established the Harvard Psychological clinic. To me, Prince has been a significant historical figure.

On the other hand, the interesting historical figure was Berliner Anna who was the only female student in her class. She was so assertive that in 1936, she had to move out of Germany to complete her studies in USA. She also applied experimental psychology to japan while on a 10 year sojourn. Her determination makes her an interesting historical figure.

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