Free «Reflection Paper Assignment» UK Essay Paper

Free «Reflection Paper Assignment» UK Essay Paper

The importance of books in the society can never be understated. Books accord us a window into the issues that society has had to undergo over the past years (Burns, 2011). Be that as it may, the culture of reading is slowly fading away. This can be attributed to among other things, technological advancements that have resulted in people being pre-occupied with other things, and therefore forgetting to read (Burns, 2011). There are several books that have managed to leave a great mark in society and whatever happens, these books should be preserved together with the life lessons that they seek to impart. Personally, five books come to mind when I think of great books that should not fall victim of the presence societal trend. These books are: A Tale of Two Cities, Pride and prejudice, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Portrait of a lady, and David Copperfield.

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A Tale of two Cities, a book written by Charles Dickens, depicts the activities of the 19th century French revolution. The book seeks to highlight the ills of society, and in particular, the ills of society that are directly as a result of societal imbalance. This societal imbalance leads up to a revolution, where the commoners rebel against the aristocratic authority and unleash their wrath on the aristocrats. A tale of two cities is a great novel, since it highlights the ills that can result from a societal setting where the welfare of one segment of the society is completely overlooked (Johnson & Johnson, 2002). In the book, the aristocrats fail to pay attention to the plight of the common people, and this failure results in a revolution that sees most of them losing their lives and property.

The second ook that would be worth saving from the fireman is Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  In this book, the author focuses on the life of Elizabeth Bennett (the book’s main character). In the course of her life, Miss Bennett is approached by several prospective husbands who offer her a hand in marriage, but she declines most of their requests. In the end, Miss. Bennett ends up accepting a proposal from a Mr. Darcy, whom she had previously pre-judged, but who she later finds out to be a good person.  This book is an important illustration of the negative effects of prejudice. Due to her pre-judicial assertions, Miss. Bennett could not see the kind of person that Mr. Darcy really was. As a result, it took the intervention of several significant events for her to discover the kind of person that Mr. Darcy was (Johnson & Johnson, 2002).

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The third book that I would save from the fireman is To Kill a Mockingbird. This book focuses on the life of the main protagonist, Atticus Finch, and it is set in the mid 20th century American society when racial segregation was a major issue. The book highlights the heroic act of Atticus Finch in defending a black man, Tom Robinson, who was accused of raping a white woman. Despite the presence of strong evidence to refute the rape charges, the court convicts Mr. Robinson of these charges and during imprisonment, Mr. Robinson is shot dead as he tries to escape from prison. This book highlights the major issue of racial prejudice that still bedevils society up to this very day. Mr. Robinson was convicted majorly because of his race. Moreover, he was not accorded a fair trial (Johnson & Johnson, 2002).

The final book that I would save ffrom the fire is Portrait of a Lady. This book was written by Henry James and is set in the late 19th century American and European societies.  Portrait of a lady follows the life of the main protagonist; Isabel Archer. Portrait of a lady shows how Miss Archer is able to embrace her life while facing various challenges, but ensuring that she maintains her grace in the face of it all. She gets married to a person who dies never having expressed love towards her, but despite this, she stays in the marriage because this is what society expects of her. This book is instrumental in the present day world. This is because it reveals the sacrifices that one has to make in order to live by their principles and beliefs (Johnson & Johnson, 2002).

The book that I would like to memorize and become is David Copperfield. Just like a Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield is a book written by Charles Dickens. This book centers on the life of David Copperfield, who is the book’s main protagonist. The book highlights some of the main events and challenges that take place in Mr. Copper field’s life from a young kid to adulthood. This book is important to me as it acts as a guideline in dealing with various life challenges and reminding me not to give up in the face of adversity (Bloom & Hobby, 2009).

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All in all, these five books are a great window to society. They reveal several aspects and challenges, that people as individuals or societies as a whole, had to face in order for the world to be what it is today. However, the lessons learnt in these books are not only limited to the period in which they were written, but they apply to even the present day societal settings. 

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