Free «Rooming Problem in Japan» UK Essay Paper

Free «Rooming Problem in Japan» UK Essay Paper

There is a rooming problem in Japan societies, which is a serious threat to the Japan government in the recent years. The birth rate has steady decreased. If this practice is allowed to continue, the population will continue decreasing as time erupts. The average life span of Japanese is increasing while the number of babies is declining. The Japanese have longest life span in the world. This is a problem for the country, as it will lead to low productive human labor force that contributes to social security funds. Consequently, the number of workers will eventually decline. Therefore, there is a need for the Japan government to address the issue of lessening population. One way to facilitate population growth is by ensuring Japan growth rate is increasing. This process will engage the social structure. One of them is the government, families, and businesses. These structures must combine efforts and encourage each other in playing a part in important practices. For example, the government should encourage families to have babies especially a time like now that the goals and responsibilities of Japanese women have changed.

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Traditionally, the key role of women was perceived to be that of men. Nowadays, this has changed because Japanese women have shown they have no interest in raising children. For example, Japanese women want to work to earn their own money and interest. In actual sense, many women in other parts of the world would like to work and raise children. However, women from Japan and the society oppose these activitis. Some companies in Japan fire women who get married, as they perceive this as a form non-productive moment from employees to the company. Therefore, the Japanese women decline to get children in fear of losing their jobs. Japanese companies are one of the forces in the society, which has powers that enables women to bear and raise children. In most cases, it is hard for people to think or even take a company as a force in shaping families but this an attitude, which should be changed. In this case, these companies should change and reframe their roles in order to support women in the society maximally.

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To start with, they should start by offering childcare services, which are affordable to all and with the support from the government. This will boost women responsibilities, as they will be able to pursue their career as well as have children. A good example is Norway; it has a good system of childcare where mothers work and have an opportunity to visit their children during the lunch hour. As a result, it enables Norway to have and maintain an established birthrate.

Child-care in Norway is appropriate, which Japan should try to emulate and adopt. In spite of the fact that rising of children by Japanese men is not an easy job, it should be accepted as part of their responsibilities. The Japanese men should try to emulate and adopt this job considering the fact that children are their tool. There should be a well set up parental leave from both the companies and the government as this will enable both parents to care equallly for their families. Note that men fear to take paternity leave in fear of losing their jobs.

There are some countries where men take paternity leave without any fear for their careers as we have seen in Norway. Therefore, companies in Japan should think of making paternity a requirement without thinking on the impacts on their career. This leave helps families in understanding the roles of the father after the birth of a baby.

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Another issue of concern is the perception most Japanese parents have on parenting. They think that it is very expensive. It is a pity that most couples take economic reasons as an escape goat over having children. The government has a major role to play of ensuring that rising of children is continuous. This can be done by helping families to be financially stable as practiced in already developed countries. There can be a reduction in taxes and on time payments for new parents. It is evident that people finds it hard to pay taxes that helps children. In short, production of another generation in Japan is a question of its existence. Consequently, everyone in Japan can help in raising the birthrate, which is the only guard against a shrinking Japanese society. This can only be done by ensuring a balance between raising children and working. This balance can be found only when every member of the Japanese society takes in the initiative of being part of the cost of bringing up children.  Long run measures should be implemented so that it can have benefits in every sector in the society.

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