Free «Sexual Orientation of Parents» UK Essay Paper

Free «Sexual Orientation of Parents» UK Essay Paper

Some psychologists say that children brought up in same-sex families adopt homosexual patterns of their parents’ behavior. Moreover, they will most probably have problems with the opposite sex in the future. However, all gays and lesbians were brought up in heterosexual families, but, nevertheless, for some reason, they became homosexuals. By the logic of behaviorists, heterosexuals must educate heterosexuals. However, it turns out that this is just an illusion. The world experience shows the exact opposite: the sexual orientation of parents only indirectly affects children. Children from the same-sex families do not necessarily become homosexuals.

There is no single reason of homosexuality. Therefore, there is no reason to admit that children simply adopt a lifestyle of their parents and follow their behavior in the future. If it were so, then children of neurotics would become neurotics themselves. In addition, the history shows that during and after the war, thousands of people were brought up without fathers. However, most of them grew up as heterosexuals. Therefore, psychology, of course, is wrong when it claims about instilling the "incorrect” patterns of behavior in homosexual families. If a child has no father image, it affects his/her life and relationship model. However, mother is quite able to convey the image of father to a child. Therefore, single-parent families and families of lesbians and gays can educate their children about a so-called "image of the father".

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