Free «The Growth of United States of America» UK Essay Paper

Free «The Growth of United States of America» UK Essay Paper

U.S Domestic expansion

Expansion of domestic economy was something, that United States of America considered a stepping-stone to rising above most of the world great economies and becoming a world economic giant above some of the great economies such as Russia, China, Britain and Germany (Prucha, 1995). This happened through ramification of different sector of domestic economy in the U.S, that saw the U.S becoming world largest economy. It is of profound importance to note that the domestic economy was ramified into a number of sectors including financial sectors, job creation, industrial sectors and employment sector. Through ramification of these sectors, it was possible adjust the sectors that were slowing down the economy for instance, improvement in job growth together with other financial gains ensured moderation of consumer inflation as well as leading to creation of more job opportunities for citizens in other sectors. This also provided a base for the United States of America to put in check all its sectors in comparison to other sectors in other countries as a world economic giant emulated and relied on by other countries, especially the ones, that are still on the verge of their development. However, in one way or another, this undermined the individual integrity of U.S in such a way that their rise in setting world standards in economic sectors is characterized as being propelled by what is done in other big nations but not their own individual efforts and creations.

The Louisiana Purchase

This entailed acquisition of approximately 2,140,000 square km territory from the French known as Louisiana, in the year 1803. Actually, U.S had to pay $11,250,000 in addition to writing of debts estimating to $3,750,000. This purchase formed a greater part of U.S history as it encompassed all the 15 states with current ones including Missouri, Kansas, Northern Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, segments of Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Wyoming and portions of (Montana, 1957). This purchase was done originally by Spain then later given to France and finally was handed to U.S by France in order to compensate for war debt. Gazing at the impact of this sale on United States of America, the first thing that becomes clear is that the size of U.S is intact now thanks to this landmark acquisition as it enabled doubling of U.S and creation of new states (23% of U.S territory).

Considering how these depict the power of presidency at that time, Louisiana Purchase is regarded as the greatest achievement in Thomas Jefferson’s presidency despite the fact, that a number of oppositions arose as some leaders considered this move unconstitutional. It is due to firmness of President Jefferson, whose belief was based solidly on interpretation that there was no part of constitution that gave provisions for acquisition of territory. Besides, all and sundry can come to a unanimous agreement the president had the best interest of the country at heart. This is illustrated by the fact that Jefferson intended to protect the trade access of the country to New Orleans port as well as guaranteeing a through pass on Mississippi River. Therefore, Louisiana Purchase changed the face of presidency in that Jefferson set a reference standard for other presidents, who can also protect the integrity and image of use despite oppositions illustrated by his refusal for Spain and France to block taking place of American trade across the New Orleans port.  In addition, the president had to comprise his rigid anti-federalist views.

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The Missouri Compromise

This refers to an agreement between anti-slavery and pro-slavery factions in the U.S Congress. It primarily involved regulation of slavery occurring along territories in the West. This agreement illegalized slavery within the boundaries of Louisiana Territory leaving only the proposed Missouri state. An amendment was issued by Tallmadge forbidding any introduction of slavery into Missouri and gave a mandate for setting free of all children born of slave parents (Forbes, 2007).

This agreement is accounted to have had massive impact political and social systems. First, it restricted the entry of other territories located to the north of Missouri from entering the Union. It also became so effective in stopping the spread of slavery to other territories especially, the Louisiana Purchase (Wilentz, 2004). It also managed to set a precedent for the congress to contain slavery along its states and territories. In the political realms, it arose a competition between the Northern and Southern states for congressional power as well as control over the future born territories. Besides, coherence was lost also in the congress as other factions emerged as Democratic - Republican Party. Actually, with addition of new states, made it even harder to find the rightt solution to slavery due to the issue of sectional balance. This is because, before addition of states, the country was divided evenly between free and slave states and being that there were more states in which slavery was to be done away with, it was hard to compromise thus paving way for American civil war.

Manifest Destiny

This refers to the American belief in 19th century that U.S was destined to expand and occupy most regions across North America as a continent. The advocates for this belief noted that the expansion was not only a wise idea but it was already manifest and their destiny making it inexorable. It played a key role in expanding Texas as well as the relationship between America and Mexico, for instance, Texas was declared independent from Mexico and following Texas revolution it became a new state within U.S. Manifest destiny brought also forth continentalism laid on a belief that in 19th century, U.S would encompass the whole of North America. In addition, Manifest destiny became of utmost significance during the Oregon boundary dispute between U.S and Britain from, which boundary was set near Columbia River that made Washington a part of U.S but not Britain North America. It also seriously affected Native Americans, since continental expansion translated into annexation and occupation of lands belonging to Native Americans such as Indian Americans as well as expansion of slavery (Dunning, 2001).

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Amazingly, the Mexican American war can be said to have impacted positively on America history. This is based on the fact, that America was able to acquire new colonies and foster the power of their belief in expansion in North American with Mexico becoming a victim of this belief. The expansion of its territories as a result brought forth honor and prestige to America (Herring, 2008).

In conclusion, occurrence of the above described landmark events such as Missouri compromise, manifest destiny, American civil war, Mexican American war, the Louisiana purchase among other can be credited to have shaped political, social, economic and educational systems of America to the point of being what it is to date.  This includes even the governance and general mentality of Americans. Besides, some states are part of American territory as a result of these landslide occurrence and the stupendous efforts of some people in American history.

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