Free «The Influence of the Internet» UK Essay Paper

Free «The Influence of the Internet» UK Essay Paper

Internet has influenced many areas. It impacted the music industry, banking, mobile sphere, and advertising. Every day, the Internet gets into people’s lives deeper and deeper. We use the World Wide Web not only at work or in school, but also we begin to take advantage of it in everyday life. More and more banks provide a variety of online services every day and carry out online transactions. This allows clients to not go directly to the banks and stand in tedious queues, but perform necessary operations without leaving home. It is noteworthy that more than 50 million people use online banking services in the U.S. Online banking has become a point of support for business. Internet channel capacity grows daily and makes Internet access even easier and more interesting. Over 40 % of Internet users use online payment services and banking.

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Development of the Internet contributed to the pricing of different products. Previously, it was difficult to find the prices of similar products in other stores – now, it s easy. It is possible to compare different prices for all goods as more and more stores go online. One can order the product directly via the Internet and then just pick it up at the moment. Internet marketing enables consumers to obtain information about the product. The use of internet marketing techniques is aimed at cost saving (on staff’s salary) and expansion of the company.

The Internet has an enormous impact on the advertising industry. Just in the last few years, online advertising volume has grown and has already reached tens of billions dollars a year.

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Some time ago, it was a novelty, but now it is difficult to find a company that does not promote services or products not only offline, but also in the Internet. In addition, online businesses have even a blog now. Blogging has become an integral part of marketing.

Internet trends have changed because of the social network Facebook as well as its global followers. It is kind of huge search engines now. One can doo search of people and professions; moreover, has its own advertising. The scope of the impact and influence of networks is enormous.

The Internet has given birth to different forms of communication technology. It provides business with new marketing tools such as advertising and company websites. In the Internet, business of any size have a chance to complete in the global marketplace. The Internet is an open environment. Different companies complete with each other by one click. The customer can find various prices and offers in short time period.

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Common products that buyer search for online, are: computer, electronics, automobiles, music, clothing, books, hardware, sporting goods.

The influence of the Internet on different industries and businesses has been clearly remarked in today's world. The presence of the Internet is so overcoming that the various web technology’s applications are now essential elements of a fully integrated marketing communications program.

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