Free «The Learning Log» UK Essay Paper

Free «The Learning Log» UK Essay Paper

In order for an organization to be successful, it is imperative to hire the right candidate. Tons of money and lots of time spent by the employers on training and resources can be wasted if the person is wrong and this can seriously damage the business. It is a real art to interview a candidate and it is a fact that more than 60% of people who interview others have never received any previous training feeling great stress and nervousness during the interviews. Many strategies are invented to help anyone become a pro interviewer (Guon 1998; Farr 1997). They are used to determine peculiarities of each candidate for the particular position. In order to find the right candidate for the job, it is utterly important to interview him/her appropriately. The following techniques and peculiarities to consider can be helpful in achieving this goal.


Google Inc. is the organization currently leading the market with compensation and benefits; it has an outstanding company culture, the major emphasis in reporting capabilities should be made on time and pay solutions, benefits administration, talent management (e-performance, e-development, enterprise learning management, and talent acquisition manager), employees’ satisfaction and workforce profile (VanderMey 2012). It would allow the HR managers to control the situation and see how it develops through time in order not to lose the status of the leader in these areas on the market.

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Human resources are one of the corner stones of success for any company or organization. Beyond any doubts, employees as an asset are among the most important issues to consider for any manager. Therefore, the attention paid to the choice and management of personnel is directly connected with the company’s successfulness and development. In order to have the opportunity to manage these resources properly and efficiently, appropriate human resources information system (HRIS) is needed by any organization, including Google.

According to Boateng (2007), HRIS is a tool that supports the human resource management (HRM) process, “provides value to the organization and improves HR professionals’ own standing in the organization”, “provides management with strategic data not only in recruitment and retention strategies”, facilitates “the provision of quality information to management for informed decision-making”, and is “a medium that helps HR professionals perform their job roles more effectively.” What does it say to the reader? HRIS is the instrument for the efficient human resource management that is able to provide the interested parties with everything, which is needed to control, and manage human resources in the most efficient way.

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Basically, HRIS can be used for the following activities:

“Clerical applications, applicant search expenditures, risk management, training management, training experiences, financial planning, turnover analysis, succession planning, flexible-benefits administration, compliance with government regulations, attendance reporting and analysis, human resource planning, accident reporting and prevention and strategic planning” (Brown 2007).

As it can be noticed, a good HRIS can be used for the variety of purposes related with human resources management. What are the most commonly used systems that can be found on the market today? They are PeopleSoft and SAP. Systems are similar in the functionality and can provide the following instruments for HR managers: SAP – service delivery, talent management, core HR and payroll, and workforce analytics; PeopleSoft - core HRMS, time and pay solutions, absence management, administration benefits and manager solutions and employee self-service applications, HRMS portal and portal pack, helpdesk for Human resources, UPK, talent management suite (e-performance, e-development, enterprise learning management and talent acquisition manager), candidate gateway workforce analytics (HCM warehouse, workforce planning, workforce rewards and workforce scorecard) and datamarts (compensation, learning, recruiting and workforce profile) (SAP News 2012; PeopleSoft Human Capital Management 2008; Fabian 1998).

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Interviewing skills are necessary for a specialist working with the human resources in order to have a proper evaluation of the job candidates. Interviewing guidelines are provided by Google but a skilled specialist can make the interview run smoothly and comfortably for a candidate. Skills in interviewing job candidates are important in the evaluation process of them. During a conversation, it is important to listen to what is not said together with what is said. During an interview an applicant does not just tell about his or her capabilities or past mentioned in the resume (Harklute 2010; Holton & Trott Jr. 1996; Nadler 1984). In this case, it is clear that the candidate was intended to present himself as positive as possible.

However, rather negative facts can come out, thanks to the use of the information technology. It is utterly important now to determine what lies behind the words. A good practice of Google HR department is to have the interview to tell who the person is and a good interviewer will be looking for qualities that will be the most important for the company and the position the applicant is trying to get (Guon 1998; Farr 1997; VanderMey 2012). Below is the list of features to pay attention to and that should be evaluated by any HR specialists on the example of the Google’s HR department developments (VanderMey 2012):

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In the current situation, self-confidence can be a bad thing as well since this individual is able to hide too many negative facts about him. Such candidate can be rather dangerous for the position of a nurse because too much confidence in oneself can put patients into a trouble in some way. However, self-confidence can be the sign of the high professional skills therefore, it is necessary to investigate the facts that are considered negative because they can be irrelevant to the above-mentioned professional skills.

Persistence is a good quality, but it should be applied in the right direction. The candidate is persistent in hiding negative things about his person. It can directly affect his duties and harm the company. It can be costly for a company. Therefore, it is utterly important to find the balance in the need in this candidate and possible damage.

A responsible person does not complain or blame anyone (Guon 1998; Farr 1997; Holton & Trott Jr. 1996; Nadler 1984). Is there anything in the past behavior of the applicant that shows this person as a responsible one? Unfortunately, there is an issue regarding the responsibility in this case. The conversation shows one thing and the facts’ investigation is another. This conversation also showed person’s leadership qualities (Harklute 2010; Holton & Trott Jr. 1996; Nadler 1984). While the concerns regarding the ability of this candidate to be responsible are rather serious, it is obvious that the candidate can be a leader, which is important for the job. It is important to determine (at this stage) how irresponsible the candidate can be.

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Due to the negative facts that impressed the Google’s HR department, creativity can be destructive as well. Therefore, the task is to determine the degree of the “negativeness” of this creativity in this particular case. As it has already been mentioned, everything plays an important role in this situation – the facts, the actual behavior of a person, etc. However, the fact that the candidate is positive and good at the interview means that she or he really needs this job, so negative things are beyond this desire. The need in job motivates and drives this candidate, nothing more. On the other hand, what is the real driving force for this person? (Harklute 2010; Guon 1998; Farr 1997). It seems that driving force in this candidate can be rather negative as the facts show. The major task of the experienced Google’s HR specialist is to find the standards of good and constructive background that this candidate has (VanderMey 2012). Otherwise, poor personal qualities will not be compensated by high-level professionalism.

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Communication capabilities and charisma are utterly important for nurses. The way they talk to people, work and perform their duties is one of the major parts of their day-to-day job. Therefore, this quality of the particular candidate should not mislead the interviewer since he is so good at hiding negative sides. It is clear that good communication skills and certain charm and charisma are present in this case (Guon 1998; Farr 1997). The Google’s HR department needs such candidates because (again) the fact they have found might not be relevant to the above-mentioned way this candidate work with people (VanderMey 2012). However, it is necessary to talk to the candidate regarding the negative fact and see how she or he reacts. Aggressive reaction can be a serious negative sign for the interviewers. 

The way a person feels about the life and the world will show a good interviewer how this person approaches and deals with the challenges the job possess (Harklute 2010; Guon 1998; Farr 1997). This is the case when it is important to figure out the true values of the candidate and compare them with those in the hiring company. If they are similar then even the negative facts, irrelevant to the future work can be omitted. Arrogance and too much self-confidence only support the fact discovered during the investigation process. It means that a good HR specialist in the Google Company must evaluate the candidate from this side as well and do it very carefully and attentively.

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After conducting the interview, the situation becomes clear. However, modern means of communication and such sources of information as social networks, for example YouTube, are able to provide the HR department with the information that was not prepared for being reviewed. The Google Company is the leader on the market of the Internet search so it is easy for HR department to find almost any information regarding the candidate if it is present online. Such information can be in the form of photos, images, texts and many other things people expose to others in regular life, which is not connected with the workplace (VanderMey 2012). Therefore, it is possible to retrieve another image of the future candidate. In case this image is negative but the interview was positive, the following plan should be taken into consideration (Guon 1998).

First, it is important to determine the most critical issues a candidate has in these sources. Therefore, there is a need to evaluate how bad things are and how they can influence the future duties performed by the prospective candidate (Harklute 2010). It means that if the candidate has many pictures of facts abusing alcohol some conclusions can be drawn. On the other hand, if there are photos of some weird and unusual hobby, it may not affect the work process at all (Guon 1998). These considerations should be taken into account while evaluating all the negative facts, collected by the Google’s HR department. In addition, these facts should be rechecked carefully (VanderMey 2012). It is rather possible that some of such facts could be someone’s’ silly joke or something similar.

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Second, the interviewer should create several stress situations for this candidate’s replies or reactions to which cannot be rehearsed or prepared before. More to say, these situation should be modeled considering the facts revealed in the investigation process (Harklute 2010). This step should be able to provide the HR specialists of Google with two valuable pieces of information – confirm or disapprove the “facts” from the social networks and/or YouTube and evaluate the ability of the candidate to react to the stressful situations (VanderMey 2012). Creativity and resourcefulness are to be evaluated as well (Guon 1998).

The final step should presuppose two sub-steps – evaluation of the available data – empirical and statistical (facts from the interviews and from the other sources) and the final interview that should reveal the most critical facts to the candidate and let him/her justify the positive decision regarding his/her candidature. This final interview should give the reasons to reject the candidate or provide with the position in the Google Company (VanderMey 2012; Harklute 2010).

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The above-mentioned course of actions is the most balanced and moderate one. In other words, it is the only possible course of actions, considering the situation. It provides the opportunity of making a well-weighted decision. The main strength of this option is in the opportunity to evaluate the candidate using different sources of information. The only limitation comes from the credibility of the Internet as the source of information. The cost of this course of actions should be considerably low due to the need of checking the Internet for the necessary data. Among the benefits, the following can be outlined: unpreparedness of the candidate in terms of the nature of provided information on the pages of the social networks, the availability of this information and easiness of access to it.

It is possible to apply another course of actions in such situation: reject the candidate at once. However, it has more drawbacks than benefits. The strength is easy to determine – the candidate with the negative reputation will not work in the medical facility. Well, it is the limitation as well because this possible employee could be very professional and negative information might be simply irrelevant. The cost of such decision could be rather big – a professional of high class might be lost for a facility.

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