Free «Tsiolkovsky's Life if He Had Not Become Deaf» UK Essay Paper

Free «Tsiolkovsky's Life if He Had Not Become Deaf» UK Essay Paper

Disability is ability. This phrase is widely expressed by the disabled people who take advantage of the special treatment they get because of their disability or the prejudice against them from he general public. Kostantin Tsiolokovsky is a perfect example. He was a Russian physicist who is famous as the first person to have come up with a spaceship math formala. Most disabled people despise themselves and regard themselves as useless in the society. Others do not take prejudice into consideration, realize their potential and become professionals in many fields. Kostantin Tsiolokovsky followed the latter route and achieved praise as the “Father of Space Age.” Konstantin’s advantage was that his disability was not mental, but physical. He was bright and able to figure out how to communicate with other people with the help of sign language. He also learnt calculus, physics and spherical trigonometry without attending any classes. If he had not been deaf, Tsiolokovsky would probably have had the same life like other kids: going to school, attending clases, passing exams and finding a white collar job. He would not have come up with such outstanding ideas as he did. The following paper is a discussion of how Kostantin Tsiolokovsky’s life would be different if he had not gone deaf.

Konstantin Tsiolokovsky was a Russian physicist who achieved fame as the man who made all necessary calculations for the first spaceship and satellite (Kosmodemyansky, 2000, p. 90). He became deaf at the age of nine. Since then he could not attend classes with other children and preferred to read and experiment at home. This gave him a chance to study physics, calculus and spherical trigonometry. Being deaf changed his life due to the fact that he knew he was different from other children. He believed in himself and vowed to follow his dreams of flying into space. Ordinary people usually dispel such dreams as imposible to achieve and anybody who continue to believe in it are considered to be swallowing more than they can chew. Therefore, one may say that it was even an advantage for Konstantin to become deaf since he would not have to continue studying with the other children who might have considered his idea as unrealistic, which was discouraging him.

There would also be so much talking and bickering with the others, which would definitely waste of time. As for him, all he had to do was to stay at home, borrow his brother’s books, and experiment. He did not have to read to pass other subjects like children at school. He had time to concentrate on his project without being disturbed. He was the one to make his schedule. He also felt challenged to devise means with the help of which he could communicate with other people. This encouraged and boosted his creativity, which resulted in devising math formulas.

If Tsiolkovsky had not been deaf, he would probably have become just like other children, who. had no dreams to achieve and found life to be easy because their minds were not challenged with extraordinary ideas. Most times people fail to understand it because of comfortable living. Undoubtedly, being physically healthy is a comfort zone because one can interact with each other, whereas being disabiled often make people discriminate against you. It is embarassing and if it is not handled carefully, it may lead to loss of self-esteem and failure in life. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky would probably become a banker or an accountant, if he had not been deaf.

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