Free «Week Six Assignment» UK Essay Paper

Free «Week Six Assignment» UK Essay Paper

The researcher interviewed a group of people from the society through a face-to-face method. Each interview took form ten to fifteen minutes. Some of the respondents refused to respond, as they claimed that the researcher was interfering with their personal lives. The research moved on as planned. The main challenge was a language barrier, as some people could only communicate using the local language which was hard for the researcher to comprehend. However, the researcher was able to meet objectives of the study. The main objective of the study was to analyze differences in culture and life experiences (Meeder & Stevens, 2005).

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The first respondent was born in central Kenya. He grew up on slopes of the Mount Kenya, which was obviously entertaining. The most exciting lesson he learnt from his parents concerning people was that no one was self-sufficient. His mother told him that every individual required help at one time or another. He loved grazing cows in the forest with his age mates. Today, he lives in Uganda, Kampala town which is totally different from the life he lived near slopes of Mt Kenya. His family celebrated holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. His parents were devoted Christians who could not afford to ignore any celebration according to the Holy Bible. However, the respondent did not continue with the family traditions, as he converted to Islam when he went to Uganda. He enjoyed being a Christian and valued their rule of love which governs all that they do. The respondent remembers a time he went to Uganda for the first time. He was discriminated by Muslims, as they could not tolerate his behavior, such as eating pork. They taught him what the Holy Quran said and he ended up convinced that it is the best religion which would lead to eternal life. The responded enjoyed the time he was the only Muslim in the area, as he cooked and ate his own food with no one interfering with his meals.

The second respondent was totally different from the first one. She was a middle aged lady who was born in New York Town. The town was exciting to grow in. This respondent learnt the importance of respecting everyone in the society, irrespectively of the age or gender. Her mother was too strict and ensured her children respected all people. Watching movies and playing computer games was what she loved the most. She was lucky, as her family was rich and they had a house girl to do all the house chores. She was born by a single mother as the only child. Her mother did not follow any cultures or customs.She was a non-believer and life was the total fun, the lady has retained her mother’s style of life, as she believed it was the most exciting. Having fun was all she loved. She still lives in New York with her son. She does not plan to get married, as she desires to live as her mother.

The third respondent was an elder man who was born in Ireland nation, Dublin town. He grew up in the coastal areas spending most of his time on the lake, fishing. It was fascinating to fish with his father and three brothers. His father emphasized on critical thinking before choosing friends. He kept on cautioning him to avoid bad company, as could ruin a decent character. The most enjoyable event in his life was when they went fishing and caught a snake in the net instead of a fish. They slept hungry, as there was nothing more to eat. His parents respected traditional celebrations. The initiation and wedding ceremonies were too conspicuous to avoid. The respondent has continued with norms as he could not ignore customs. He now lives in Britain after the emigration to look for greener pastures abroad. He reckoned how hard it was to eat potatoes and rice daily in Britain as the community he lived in did not eat maize daily as his community did.

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The fourth respondent was a young fellow who was born in Denmark. He does not know his parents, as he grew up a children’s home after being left at the hospital when his mother gave him birth and ran away. Life in the children’s’ home was not that comfortable, but was safe. There was no freedom. Food and other necessities were scarce. Guardians who were managers in that home reminded them to be responsible in the future so that their children would not live in children’s home. There were no traditions, as children came from different origins. Today, he does not follow any traditions, as none of them was planted in him.

The fifth respondent was born in one of the most prominent families in Netherlands. She was the first born in a family of three. Her parents were senior magistrates. She spent most of her time at school as she joined a boarding school at the age of four. Her parents were too busy and emphasized on education as the key to success. She learnt that honesty is the best policy from her parents. They kept telling her to be honest to herself and to others for her to succeed. Parents were Muslims and observed every role to the letter. She is a firm Muslim and does what she learnt from her parents. She is a magistrate in the same nation and livees comfortably, as she is wealthy. She values cultures and cannot give any benefit of ignoring them.

The sixth and the seventh respondents were identical twins from London. They lived together with their parents in rural areas. Life had been exciting to them, as they found themselves doing the same thing even when they were far apart. They enjoyed each other’s company. Their father taught them to do unto others what they would like others to do unto them. This has guided them in their daily life as they avoided doing bad things to people so that it was not reciprocated back. Their parents were farmers who had strong traditions. Every year, they had to join villagers to the mountain for the annual sacrifice. A bull has to be sacrificed to appease their ancestors. However, their views are now different. One twin observes traditions while the other one converted to Christianity and left traditions. They still live in the same village with their parents. The twin who converted became a pastor and his brother a high school teacher.

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After interviewing different respondents, the researcher learnt a lot about cultures. This was the best experience with different people who have gone through different experiences in life. Every human being has different perceptions towards his or her society. The majority of interviewees believed that the society values them and that they are the part and parcel of their society. They believe they cannot make it without the society and the society either cannot make it without them. Respondents have specific groups which they identify themselves with in the society. Cultural identification is based on the age group, religion, clan, tribe, ethnicity and race. Every respondent has gone through a different experience. The researcher was impressed to know how much people value unity. The entire part of respondents agreed that every person in the society is essential to them and can help them in one way or another.

In conclusion, every individual has a different past. The past plays an essential role in a person’s future. In fact, what people learn when they are young is reflected in their adulthood. That is why parents try their best to train their children crucial life lessons. Life is a choice. People have the freedom to choose either to follow what their parents taught them or live their own lifestyle (Gordon, 2007). Cultures are there and will never end. Individuals choose either to accept or reject them, and consequences of each decision follow immediately.

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