Free «Annotated Bibliography» UK Essay Paper

Free «Annotated Bibliography» UK Essay Paper

Gun control is one of the controversial debates in the United States. There are those who propose that failure to control gun ownership is leading to increased crimes in the society. The best way of eliminating these crimes is therefore through gun control. Others argue that gun control helps in enhancement of personal security and one does not need the help of policemen if he/she has a gun. Regardless of all these arguments, it will be realized that there are greater advantages of regulating gun ownership. Therefore, the best approach is to regulate gun ownership in the United States so that provision of security services in the country can be enhanced.

Spitzer, Robert J. Gun Control: A Documentary and Reference Guide. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 2009. Print.

This documentary evidence is important for both students and teachers who wish to understand the controversial issue of gun control. The book is written by a competent author of many other books. It means that the author has the skills to come up with a document that individuals can read and understand. It discusses the historical information about the issue, so that individuals can understand what the situation was in the past. Also, it focuses on the effects of gun control in the future.

The book is very comprehensive in that it obtains information from over 50 credible sources that date back from the colonial period. Some of these documents include political debates, federal laws, colonial laws, and even the founding documents. This source is important because it covers both historical and current information about gun control (Spitzer 12). It shows the relationship between crimes and gun possession. It also covers the reasons why gun possession was allowed and why the issue has become controversial. Considering this, the source surely contains important information that can give a better understanding of the issue.

Gold, Susan D. Gun Control. New York: Benchmark Books, 2004. Print.

It is another important source that effectively addresses the topic. It discusses the historical information about gun control in the United States. It shows why people were allowed to have gun. It also describes why people started demanding for gun control in the United States (Gold 23). It describes the legal cases and laws that relate to gun control. It is important in showing circumstances that necessitated gun control. It presents both sides of the arguments and describes the advantages of allowing gun possession as well as why gun ownership should be controlled.

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The book is relevant in that it shows the stand by the government about gun control. It uses relevant sources and the author has used a better language that can help people easily understand various issues. Furthermore, in the book, the issue is discussed from different points of view, hence, it is not biased in anyway.

O'Neill, Terry. Gun Control. San Diego, Calif: Greenhaven Press, 2000. Print.

This book is written by a professor who was brought up by a parent who was a policeman. He had a lot of interest in the area of gun use and this motivated him to do a lot of research about gun control. He has written other books and this is evidence that the book is credible. It meets all the requirements of a good book. The author was born in England and hence, he is a neutral party in the issue of gun control considering that the controversial issue is evident in the United States.

The author uses opposing viewpoints to address the issue of gun control. He discusses the availability of guns in the society and the effect it has on the society. He then discusses the stand by the constitution about gun possession. He further addresses constitutionality of gun control in the United States. The author discusses the effective measures that can be taken to control use of guns in the United States and consequences of total ban of gun possession to the society (O'Neill, 41).

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Cozic, Charles P. Gun Control. San Diego, CA: Greenhaven Press, 1992. Print.

This book expresses different topics that related to gun control. It addresses the constitutionality of gun control, the effectiveness of guns in enhancing self-defense and measures relating to reduction of gun related crimes. The book looks at both sides of the argument. It addresses advantages relating to gun possession and the consequences of allowing gun control in the society (Cozic 8). It uses understandable language.

The author is not biased since he considers both sides of the issue. The book is more comprehensive as it addresses various topics. Points about the issue are well presented such that it is easy to grasp the intentions of the author. Therefore, this book cannot be ignored in this study.

Lott, John R. The Bias against Guns: Why Almost Everything You've Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong. Washington, DC: Regnery Pub, 2003. Print.

This book is written by an author who has deep knowledge of the issue of gun control. The two authors have used various reliable documents to come up with the conclusion they have made. The author has written other books on the same topic showing that he is an experienced author. The arguments presented by the book are convincing and are based on reason. It uses various examples and personal experience. Thus, the book is important in completing any research relating to gun control.

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It is important to note that the book is biased against one side. Mainly, it emphasizes why gun control is not a wise move. Generally, it convinces the readers that gun control is not necessary (Lott 5). The book was specifically chosen to get a deeper knowledge of this side of the argument. There is a need to fully understand the arguments that are made by people who argue that gun control is unnecessary. The book describes how it is possible to reduce crimes after allowing people to have guns.

Schulman, J N. Self Control, Not Gun Control. Mill Valley, CA: Pulpless.Com, 1999. Print.

The book’s argument is that increase in gun-related crimes cannot be linked to laws allowing private gun possession. There are people who own guns illegally and are engaged in crimes (Schulman 17). Also, it argues that self-control can significantly help in reduction of gun related crimes. People should be allowed to have their personal guns but should exercise self control. It helps to significantly reduce crimes.

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The book goes deeper to address the issue of gun control considering that it deals with one side of the argument. The book has one side of the issue meaning that it comprehensively deals with the issue. It has enough points to prove that gun control is unimportant. Even though the book is biased towards one side, it is important for research since it provides arguments against gun control. It uses reliable sources, hence, it is credible.

Crooker, Constance E. Historic Guide to Gun Control. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003. Print.

The book is written to argue that there is a need to control guns in the United States. It provides a historical background of the laws regarding gun control, and explains how they have changed over time (Crooker 57). Also, it analyzes the effects of these laws since their enactment. The book goes further to evaluate the effect of gun control in other countries such as Great Britain.

Even though the book is biased towards one side, it is based on credible sources and gives a greater understanding of why gun control is important. Considering that it analyzes one side of the argument, it means that it has a lot of information that supports the arguments on this side. Thus, it is based on real life examples and it proves to be an important source. It is also written by experienced authors; hence, it presents points to the readers clearly.

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Lott, John R. More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010. Internet resource.

The argument brought by the book is that when people are allowed to own private guns, then crime rates decrease. It tends to support the fact that people should be allowed to posses private guns since it help them to deal with criminal activities. People are able to provide themselves security and the government incurs fewer costs in the provision of security to the people (Lott 39). Considering that it addresses one side of the argument, it provides greater understanding of this side of argument. It is what makes this book important for research purpose.

The book is written by recognized authors hence it can be relied upon. It draws its information from historical laws and documents that contain relevant information. The weakness of this source is that it concerns one dimension of the issue and ignores another. However, it has addressed important topics that are important in completing research relating to gun control. Therefore, the book should not be ignored in this study.

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