Free «Article Review» UK Essay Paper

Free «Article Review» UK Essay Paper

According to chapter eight, the superior people in an organization have a great role to play in ensuring that ethical standards in it are observed. If management fails to follow the required code of conduct, there is a possibility that other employees will not follow. The second thing learnt from the chapter is that it is individual responsibility to ensure that ethical standards are adhered. If everyone is honest and behaves in the required manner, then aforementioned norms in the organization will be observed. Finally, the chapter emphasizes autonomy of employees in implementing ethical standards. It is important that people are free to decide what they should do if it is good and acceptable to others. In other words, employees are not to be forced to follow certain ethical standards. Instead, they are supposed to have the freedom to think and decide the best behavior in the organization.

By Christopher Kelly’s article, the top managers should monitor the behavior of employees (Kelly, 2013). They are not expected to say of their unawareness of unacceptable behaviors happening in their organization. They should be role models in implementing ethical standards in the organization. The article also explains that having too many codes of ethics in the company does not guarantee good behavior in it. Scandals have been observed in organizations where there has been code of conduct. The most important thing is that employees realize the importance of ethical standards and then follow the ones.

The article relates to chapter eight in that it emphasizes the role of senior individuals in implementing ethical standards in the organization. Both the article and chapter eight recognize that observing behavioral norms’ set is a personal responsibility that employees should execute. Having ethical standards in place does not guarantee their observance without self-responsibility.

From the topic, I have learnt that obeying the analyzed standards is a personal duty that individuals should implement on their own. One does not need supervision to observe ethical standards. While in a managerial position or a junior staff, I will observe set ethical norms without the need to be monitored. I will also apply this in my daily life so that I behave myself in an acceptable to the society way.

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