Free «Babel» UK Essay Paper

Free «Babel» UK Essay Paper

“Babel” is a film of Mexican filmmaker, who made a great contribution into the world of cinematography. The main idea of the film is to show the interrelation between everything that happens in the world: the bullet fired at the other end of the earth, can completely change someone’s life. Often, people who are near and speak the same language cannot understand each other. As an example, it could be a dumb Japanese girl; her deafness is only a metaphor. This is the way to show how people became deaf to each other, way to convey the loneliness, alienation experienced by each person despite all the differences that man is accustomed to looking for in people. However, the other theme of the film is political relations between Americans and Latinos. The film represents social, political, and legal institutions as the source of disparity between communities and individuals of different ethnic and racial backgrounds. In spite of differences in relationships within family, school, society and religion beliefs, these nations are connected by indifference to the people problems. The confirmation of this apathy is a crowd, which symbolizes something shapeless and soulless.

As well, the theme of gender and sexuality vividly struck the audience. Some characters are represented in the film, not by an accident: African boy, who had fantasies about his sister and the tragedy of a dumb Japanese girl (the insatiable desire to have sexual relations with somebody). These characters complicate the film’s representation of race: human stereotypes of colored people are highly improved by the sexual intemperance. Nevertheless, this sexual abuse symbolizes loneliness and desire of being heard. However, the historical and cultural context helps to imagine all the difficulties of life, which different races deal with. It is no matter if man is American, Latino, Japanese or Arabian: he or she is not provided of being shot, committing a crime, being misunderstood or making mistakes. All this is completed by nervous and ragged style of shooting and the soundtrack in the style of flamenco. A clever combination of multiple storylines with the chronological shifts adds the film value and depth.

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