Free «European Cultural Community» UK Essay Paper

Free «European Cultural Community» UK Essay Paper

Ukraine lies wholly within the confines of the greater European cultural community (Hartmann & Rudnitsky, 2009). The culture of the Ukrainian peasantry is extremely ancient and of purely agricultural people. Hartmann & Rudnitsky (2009) continues to say that “the high degree of culture of the Ukrainian people has protected us from russification from the Asiatic colonies” (p. 32).

One of the major characters in our cultural heritage lies on the character of the settlements, buildings, costumes and the mode of life (Hartmann & Rudnitsky, 2009). I have adopted a mode of life from our culture perfect from the conditions of agricultural life. This is in our home town Ternopol I practice small scale farming which among others I plant vegetables and other short term farm products. I have therefore adopted a bit of agricultural practices which I have passion for.

Our culture has a rich ethnological life which entails good manners and customs, highly developed music and art for example ornamentation (Hartmann & Rudnitsky, 2009). I have also adopted a tolerant profound religious feelings and a higher position for women in our society (Hartmann & Rudnitsky, 2009). This is because I believe that there is a great power of collective activity and on terms of absolute equality between men and women.

According to Kilbride, Goodale & Ameisen (1990) the Northern American culture has impacted our cultural heritage in several ways. Kilbride, Goodale & Ameisen (1990) continue to say that the “Ukrainian-American Easter eggs are so integral to Ukrainian culture that they can be effectively used as symbols that describe or identify the culture of non-Ukrainians” (p. 134). I have found that Ukrainian Easter eggs and other traditional arts of the culture abound in both public and private contexts (Kilbride, Goodale & Ameisen, 1990).

As a police officer this information will assist me in different areas. Using this information as a police officer I am able to understand in firsthand how people use art as a symbol that is used to describe their cultural identity in both the private and public spheres. As a police officer I will understand the aesthetic expression with an inspiration brought about by the ritual mechanism of the people hence I will be able to serve them better.

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