Free «Exploring Form and Content with Trifles» UK Essay Paper

Free «Exploring Form and Content with Trifles» UK Essay Paper

The most important and hallucinating aspect in the play “Trifles” is the natural setting. The story has been set in the “kitchen” which according to the period when Glaspell wrote the story was a place fully devoted to women. This in itself is meant without doubt to show the masculinity with which American society was treated. The story “Trifles” here is meant without doubt to capture and re-interpret American society from the already masculine society to a society where equality and equity becomes the dominant norms in the society (Philip, 1985).

I also find it impeccable to use the mystery concept or genre to uphold the status with which women should be looked at in America. This is particularly interesting because for me to show that women can be prosperous in their activities more than their male counterparts; I will have to use women detectives in a mysterious way. That is, put them (women detectives) in a pool of many other male detectives and show that as opposed to the usual expectations where male gender would triumph, the women actually carry the day.

By focusing chiefly on the kitchen, I will be able to address a whole range of genres used in playwriting such as imagery and time dimension. That is, I intend to show that the foundation of a just society in America will have to originate from those areas which have been neglected and never thought of as important by majority of the population. In this aspect, I intend to create a world which offers something that has never been imagined by most people hence creating a change in the mind sets. For instance, it was not usual that a woman would kill a man at the time “Trifle” was written, and by unraveling the events that led to the killing of the husband, in a male dominated society, I will be far much above many expectations (Philip, 1985).

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