Free «Friendly Fire» UK Essay Paper

Free «Friendly Fire» UK Essay Paper

Having noted a mistake where 26 innocent peacekeepers on a mission to rescue Kurdish refugees were killed, former head of the center for leadership and organization at the US military academy Hook insinuates this to be down played. Following continuous scrutiny of the incident, further implications were made. Although IFF and FOE was confirmed to be in good condition, after departure and crossing over to the Iraq borders, a technical problem occurred (Starling, 2010). The IFF transmitted a Turkish signal instead of the Iraqi’s signal. This problem generated misleading information to the Armed soldiers, who responded by shooting the helicopter.

These killings were an implication of negligence from the Air Force Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) air base in Incirlik, Turkey (Starling, 2010). This made the friendly helicopter appear like that of an enemy. However, the operators of this system failed to communicate to the F-15 pilots. This showed that lack of concern and poor management contributed to the death of innocent people. A manager who does not rectify a problem when it arises can be compared to the AWACS commander.

The death of people in the helicopter occurred because of a number of mistakes, which were not supposed to have happened in an efficient management system. Managers must understand that their in-effectiveness can result to detrimental effects to the others. This implies that they must take their responsibilities seriously and effectively. It is not wise for a manager to wait until a tragedy occurs for him to learn to do the right things. In addition, they must learn that blame game does not help solve challenging problems. In the World War I and II, people went into war because of various reasons, which could have been peacefully addressed (Starling, 2010). This was contributed by poor communication and poor understandings among different nations. When leaders of two countries differ and involve themselves in political conflicts, citizens suffer due to economic harshness.

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