Free «Othello» UK Essay Paper

Free «Othello» UK Essay Paper

The modern day version movie version(“O”) of “Othello” is better than the adapted movie version because it is more realistic for today’s high school students. The actors are young people who speak using teenage language deal with problems that today’s teenagers encounter- love, sex, drugs, etc. Every high school student can relate to the star athlete and the prettiest girl on campus being boyfriend and girlfriend. The main character, Odin James, is a black basketball star at a predominantly white boarding school. His girlfriend, Desi, is one of the most popular white girls at the school. Hugo, the coach’s son, is intimidated by Odin because he is a better athlete than he is. Hugo is also jealous of the way his father feels about Odin; his father views him as a son. Consequently, all wheels are set to motion when Hugo develops a plan to get even with Odin. The plan is to tell Desi’s father that Oden has raped her. Hugo hopes this will break Desi and Odin up and give his pawn, Roger a chance to pursue her.

First, Hugo uses a suspended player to his advantage. Hugo tells Michael if he gets close to Desi she will put in a good word with Odin for him. When Michael attempts to do this, Hugo then goes to Odin and tells him that Desi and Michael are spending too much time together. Next, he fools Emily, Desi’s friend, into stealing a scarf from Desi in hopes of telling Odin that Desi has given the scarf to Michael. To make matters worse, Odin has had a vision of Michael and Desi having sex. Finally, Odin is convinced that Desi is cheating on him. He pretends to be making up with her, but decides to strangle her to death instead.

This was the best version of Othello because teenagers can relate to this. This movie began at a basketball game, something every high school student can relate to. I thoroughly enjoyed it most of all because it was in modern teenage language. Also, the actors were young people.

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