Free «Video Review» UK Essay Paper

Free «Video Review» UK Essay Paper

What Is Psychotherapy-Psychology matters

In this video, the presenter who generally comments on psychology matters, talks about psychotherapy. She states that psychotherapy involves helping individuals to deal with different problems that they face in life. She identifies a number of areas in which psychotherapy is often recommended which includes problems related to relationship issues. According to her, many people seek the services of psychotherapists every year. She also identifies the techniques commonly used by psychotherapists today. One such technique, she says is talking to the patient so that the psychotherapists can get to know more about their problems. The presenter explains that most psychotherapy interventions are short term and that most problems requiring psychotherapy can be effectively treated within this time frame. She advices psychotherapy patients to embrace change that would likely make solve their problems and to stick to the advice from psychotherapists.

Art Therapy Has Many Faces

In this video, the presenter, an artist traces the origin of her love for arts. She states at the beginning that she always wanted to draw from the time she was an infant. The presenter hails art therapy as the sure way to find and embrace one’s identity. Different artists explain the role of arts in the healing process. It comes out that engaging in arts while one is sick can actually speed up the recovery process. Darcy Lynn and Jimmy Lee both art therapists shed more light on this towards the end of the video.

Music Therapy and Cancer Diagnosis

The video describes how music can be used in the process of cancer treatment. The presenter explores how the University of Michigan has applied this technology in cancer treatment and management. At the University’s cancer center, music is used to heal the patients’ spirits as well as their bodies. It does this by reducing pain perception and anxiety. She explains that patients do not actually need background in music to respond to music therapy. The music therapy program has largely been a success in the treatment of cancer and is becoming more popular by the day.

Mental Health and Hypnosis

The article explains how hypnosis or hypnotherapy works. According to the article, hypnotherapy is usually considered to be some form of psychotherapy because of the principles upon which it is based. There are two main ways in which hypnotherapy can be used. These are suggestion therapy and analysis therapy.  Hypnotherapy can be used to treat such conditions as sleep disorders, stress, fears and anxiety, depression, post trauma anxiety and grief.

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