Free «Family Celebration» UK Essay Paper

Free «Family Celebration» UK Essay Paper

A family is the basic unit of society while its dynamics pertains to the relationship patterns between all the members. Every family has a unique tendency that revolves around how well the members interact with each other. Also, the nature of parental relationships, family, values, cultures, and ethnicity can influence it. Moreover, handling family celebrations without potential stress can be an uphill task. The paper describes the impact of identified tensions among family members and Christmas as it has always been a gathering of various relatives.

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Tension among members is inevitable during family celebrations because not all of them can put up with one’s behavior. Also, in a family setting, the adage that familiarity breeds contempt might not always hold as it would foster emotional wounds. In our Christmas celebration, tensions among family members can have the impact of causing communication failure where people say things they did not mean. Communication failure will lead to the eruption of arguments as well as a lack of understanding that increases tension. In extreme circumstances, this pressure can result in stress where conflicts go for long without being resolved. The cognitive signs of the latter revolve around difficulty in thinking in logical sentences, constant worry, and mental illness. Stress canalso provoke a negative effect that leads to emotional and behavioral problems as well as elevated blood pressure.

Identified tensions during Christmas celebrations can also cause family alienation where family members opt to stay apart in the quest of avoiding any resulting conflicts (Crane & Dab, 2014). Relatives will also find themselves dreading the annual family gatherings. As a result, family members will stay for long periods without meeting as they try to prevent the pending psychological damage. However, it would not be logical for families to stay apart for long. Therefore, members should embrace realism and brace themselves for any conflicts.

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Another impact of tension during Christmas celebration is the narcissism of small differences. In this case, minor discrepancies among family members become the basis of hostility. As a result, animosity creeps into family relations and brakes them. The narcissism of small differences is attributable to the fact that people value differences between themselves and others as opposed to the similarities. Moreover, when a family member is different in a bad way, it might be perceived as an individualistic reflection, and it can be too much to bear.

Family tension can also lead to passive aggression where people exhibit indirect exxpression of hostility by expressing sullen behavior, stubbornness, or procrastination (Crane & Dab, 2014). In a family setting, passive-aggressive behavior can manifest through active and deliberate hostile acts that differ in character while compared to non-assertive mannerisms of personal resistance. This will subsequently yield to petty quarrels even though members will try not to go against the arbitrary social rules.

Tension can also result to cumulative annoyances that pave the way for family altercations during our Christmas celebration (Crane & Dab, 2014). As a consequence of the pressure, people can also get hurt or misunderstood. Therefore, this fact deprives them the ability to communicate with open sincerity. Families should strive to eradicate these tensions by compromising on non-negotiable issues. In fact, this would give an impression that the family members are trying to pick their battles by avoiding a constant war zone.

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Tension is common among family members and is not an isolated event. It can lead to passive aggression, cumulative annoyances, or family alienation. However, during Christmas celebration, one gets the most out of family time being responsible for their emotions. The members should also search for a common ground as it is the best route to peace and mutual happiness.

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