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Socialization Assignment

Buy custom Socialization Assignment essay

Buy custom Socialization Assignment essay


Socialization refers to a gradual process by which both adults and children learn from individuals in their environment. A well-socialized individual can accept or reject certain messages all together but the same does not apply to children. Children tend to take all the social ideas presented by their environment since most of them have minimal experience with many things in their environment.

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Cause analysis

The current group popular known as Youth for Contraceptives have come up with a social message that intend to educate the society and youth in particular on the importance of using contraceptives in a bid to avoid early and unwanted pregnancies. These social groups have gone an extra mile in trying to educate their fellow youths on the issue of contraceptives that never existed some years ago. Even though it took time for the youth to accept the social message, they finally realized the importance of using the contraceptives.

Health institutions supported the promotion of these messages alongside the media. The media on its part helped to demystify the notion that contraceptive had harmful side effects on the user. They helped to dispel the negatve propaganda associated with the use of contraceptives. It is a popular belief that contraceptives had serious negative effects on the users including causing barrenness and other serious health problems. The church was the only institution that opposed this message terming it as unbiblical. The church viewed the message as a contradiction of the social order established by God. The church went ahead to preach against the use of contraceptives in the pulpits amongst the believers. It specification cited the verse in Genesis where God instructs man to subdue, multiply and fill the earth.

The church felt that the use of contraceptives opposed the above verse. The church offered the alternative of individuals exercising high morals as well as exercising self-control. It held that a true Christian ought to have control of his/her feelings and only engage in sexual activities while married where kids come in handy to make the marriage a happy one.

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I support the social message because it enables individuals to plan their families and at the same time have the number of kids that they can comfortably cater for without straining. This helps to alleviate poverty and enable parents to give their children better lives.

Effect analysis Socialization with this message affected my interactions with my Christian friends. They opposed the message and felt as if I was an upfront to their Christian faith. They changed their perception towards my personality and started viewing me as a sinner who needed to repent and make peace with my creator once more. Currently I socialize with others who support the same message in a bid to come up with ways of dispelling the myths that surround this message. I believe socializing with others on this message will affect my community positively. Namely, it will help limit the number of unwanted pregnancies recorded every year. It will also enable a girl to focus on her studies instead of struggling with early pregnancies.

In conclusion, social message may either get a good acceptance by the targeted group, or face ultimate rejection. Propaganda plays a crucial role in the rejection of a social message and the proponents of such messages ought to go out of their ways to prove that their message champions a cause that targets to make humanity even better. Messages often require collective efforts by all the participants involved as well as other well-wishers. Clarity of the message also determines whether the targeted will receive it positively or reject it altogether.

Buy custom Socialization Assignment essay

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