Free «Orchestrating a Winning Baseball Program» UK Essay Paper

Free «Orchestrating a Winning Baseball Program» UK Essay Paper

The desire to succeed in baseball should develop into a passion. Daily training gradually leads to success. In order to improve the sporting potential, baseball players should obtain the most important elements that encourage them to achieve better results. This paper aims at discussing such elements in depth and identifying their role in achieving success in baseball.

Five Elements that Help Baseball Players to Succeed in the Game

Regular physical exercises produce endurance, flexibility, and the need to achieve a concentration at the right moment. Over time, accumulated experience, and physical strength are evenly distributed throughout the body and can be timely grouped in a single center to help make the necessary leap. In order to be successful in the game of baseball, athletes should obtain five core elements, such as running speed, arm strength, hitting for average, hitting for power, and fielding.

Running Speed

Experts consider that running speed is mainly genetically predisposed tool that can be only enhanced by a baseball player. However, the quality of speed depends upon the athlete himself (Kindall & Winkin, 2000). Speed in baseball requires five elements: (1) starting, stopping, accelerating, and cutting; (2) stride length; (3) stride rate; (4) running/sprinting form; (5) and speed endurance. Most of them are of the highest priority for any sportsman but sprinting form is the most important characteristic of baseball. Orchestrating a winning baseball program, coaches should concentrate on starting and accelerating as well. According to McClain (2015), the main conditions of a winning program are related to the development of high-speed qualities and are as follows: (a) equipment that can provide the ability to perform rapid movement; (b) players should not expand excess energy, focusing on necessary movements; and (c) sportsmen should distribute their power in such a way that at the end of the game, their speed will not be reduced as a result of fatigue. For instance, baseball players will not reach high results in speed unless they train morning running. Players who show high results in accelerating are the ones who are considered to be the most effective in defensive and offensive positions in a baseball game. Therefore, instructors must focus on the improvement of running speed, namely its efficiency of movement, form, and first-step quickness.

Arm Strength

Oftentimes, arm strength is considered the least important skill in the game of baseball. However, it is an important tool for a player in a defensive position. Arm strength training is one of the ways to increase the power output. As a rule, instructors give a considerable weight to the exercises on the development of explosive strength during a very rapid movement. Robertson and Saunders (2016) believe that exercises are directed at developing explosive strength that is used to generate quick burst of maximum effort. Admittedly, a combination of light and heavy exercises gives superior results in the development of arm strength.

Baseball players should consider that arm endurance is also an important area that should be considered for winning. Muscle endurance allows them to throw multiple pitches during games. The literature reveals that prolonged muscular work with a certain force is primarily determined by the saturation of muscle energy (Kindall & Winkin, 2000). Therefore, the load level should be high enough during training, which will enable most of the muscle fibers and provide a high rate of energy expenditure.

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Hitting for Average

The main player on the baseball field is a pitcher who starts the game and often influences the outcome of the match. His task is to perform a strong and tricky pitch that prevents an opponent from recapturing it. As a rule, the game requires each individual batter’s skills, because there is no universal method of hitting the ball. A running player tries to steal a base at the time when the ball was hit, forcing the opponent to run after the ball and leave the base. At that time, the batter should run to the first or second base. The literature reveals that the basis of baseball is the confrontation between a pitcher and a batter (McClain, 2015). A pitcher must throw a ball in a way to make the batter experience difficulty in assessing its trajectory and, thus, beating it off. The instructor should teach players that hitting for average means the ability to assess defensive situations and hit to all fields. Therefore, hitters who can decide when and where to hit may achieve perfect results in the game.

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Hitting for Power

The most beneficial feature of this tool is an intimidation factor that increases the baseball players’ chances for scoring (Robertson & Saunders, 2016). Athletes recognize the importance of power hitters who can hit the long ball. They also should concentrate on the length of running, knowing when to stop and wait. Consequently, they will be able to stay in the game longer and increase their chances to win additional points. Power hitters take a prominent part in the game and, usually, demand the most profitable contracts.


A good fielding position is a guarantee of success. Therefore, good fielding may help baseball player to win. Catchers, middle infielders, and outfielders must be able to analyze and understand the hitter and positions themselves for the future success. Thus, a pitcher should stand in the center of the internal field in a small earthen embankment. He starts the game, making it easier for his teammates. A catcher squats for ‘home’, catching the ball provided by a pitcher. Baseball players should consider that the team wins when it manages to make a greater number of complete dashes around the bases per nine innings and thus gain more points (Kindall & Winkin, 2000).

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Baseball players should know that daily training gradually leads to success. To improve the sporting potential, they must obtain the most important elements that encourage them to achieve better results. Each tool, mentioned above, helps athletes reach success in baseball.

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