Why Use Our Affiliate Program

 Get Bonuses to Your Online Account
The earned bonuses will be accumulated in your personal online account.

 Superb Rates
You will receive 10% from each assignment ordered by the clients whom you invite to us.

 Complete Support
Contact our support agents without hesitation if any questions arise.

 Cash out Your Bonuses
Your earned bonuses can be withdrawn by means of Wire Transfer and PayPal.

Get 10% from each paper bought by the customers who used the discount code which you have shared them with.

Our customers will be given a 17% discount on the order placed on our website. As soon as the level of sales made with the help of our affiliate program reaches 100, our clients will be proposed special rates and offers.

  • An average sum of money paid for the order comprises $110
  • The commission is $11 on average
  • We provide quality writing projects
  • The average payout is $420
  • The payouts are issued each month
  • The earned cash may be used for purchasing papers
  • Support is provided round the clock

How It Works

Joining our referral scheme is easy. You will not face any problems when signing up.

Log in to your account on our website
Copy the link and share it with your friends
Get a 10% Bonus from a friend's order
Your friend gets a 17% discount on the first order

Why Is It Worth Cooperating with Us?

Exceptional Services

Our clients usually place repeated orders on our website 7-9 times.

Average Assignment - $150

Some pieces of writing may exceed $3000.

Guaranteed Payouts

The payments are issued in US dollars each month.

Diverse Means of Promotion

Promo code, referral link, personal business card which our clients may share with their friends. Viber/WhatsApp are also considered effective instruments for promotion.

Earning Cash Bonuses Is Easy with Us

To begin generating cash, you have to send a special discount code together with detailed explanations to your friends’ emails.

  1. Sign up Set up an account and go to the “Affiliate program” section
  2. Receive the promo material Share either a referral link or a promo code with your friends
  3. Get Your Bonuses Receive bonuses for every order made by your friends

Join our superior referral scheme and you will get a wonderful chance to generate passive income.

Start reaping profits right away!


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